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Economy & Markets

Recovery? We Have Tripled The Number Of Store Closings From Last Year…

Did you know that the number of retail store closings in 2017 has already tripled the number from all of 2016?

Suckers! Mayor Buddy Dyer’s Orlando: Fastest Growing Poverty In America

Orlando ranks dead last for pay amongst America's 50 biggest cities

Southwest Florida Homes Prices Spike 12%

Prices for homes in the under-$300,000 range were up 12 percent in 2015

Worst Start To A Year For Stocks Ever

We have never had a year start the way that 2016 has started.  In the U.S., the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 have both posted their worst four-day starts to a year ever.  Canadian stocks are now down 21 percent since September, and it has been...

Wawa Celebrates ‘Wawa Day’ with Opening of Newest Orlando Store

Wawa’s Florida Wawa Day Celebration will be held during the grand opening of the newest store in Orlando located at 6500 W. Sand Lake Rd. store.

Not Getting By in a Low Wage Nation

I explored every option possible to find a new job by creating accounts on all the major employment websites, and registering with the Employ Florida Job Marketplace.

Walmart To Pay Higher Wages To 500,000 Workers

Walmart, the mega-retailer, announced Thursday, it will raise the starting pay of its lowest-paid workers beginning in April.

Judge: Wal-Mart Illegally Intimated, Disciplined Striking Workers

An administrative law judge at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has ruled that, Wal-Mart in California illegally intimidated and disciplined employees who participated in a strike.

Coming Soon: A McDonald’s Inside Your Church

A McDonald's could be coming to the church you attend!

We’ve Got The Best Cyber Monday Deals

Major brand names such as Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Canon, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and more are all offering the best Monday deals that are irresistible, with discounts going as high as 74% off.

Publix to Pay Out $6.8 million for not disclosing background checks on Job Seekers

If you applied for a job at Publix recently, you just might be in line for some cash. The supermarket chain based in Lakeland, will shell out nearly $6.8 million to settle a class-action lawsuit over background checks.

Gas Prices Plunge to 4-Year Low

Gas prices continued their downward slide to levels last seen in December 2010 and could soon average less than $3 per gallon in Florida, according to AAA.

Tipped and Low Wages Not Only Hurt Employees, but Small Business Too

As a long time food service industry employee I know first-hand what it is like to work for minimum wage, or even less, and women make up the majority of this low wage job field.

Whoa! Wal-Mart To Abandon Minimum-Wage, Pay Associates More

Wal-Mart is planning to abandon the minimum wage. On Wednesday, Wal-Mart's CEO Douglas McMillion told reporters that the company plans to pay all workers at a rate higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, although he declined to say how much more. "It is our intention over time...

Marshalls, HomeGoods Recruiting 160 Low-Wage Workers, Here’s How To Apply

Marshalls and HomeGoods are looking for qualified candidates to full 160 low-wage positions, including store associates, cashiers, customer experience coordinators and maintenance associates.

Women’s Small Business Owners’ Agenda Must Be Priority

Women are driving small business growth, starting more than 1,200 net new women-owned businesses every day. But the deck is stacked against us – especially women of color – and we still face major barriers to success in business, from access to capital to affordable child care to outdated workplace standards that don’t work for our families and employees.

Marriott Seeks Expanded Public Subsidies of Its Workers Via Guest Tipping

Lowly paid hotel maids at Marriott hotels in Orlando may receive a little extra cash, thanks to a campaign called "The Envelope Please."

On The Backs of Children: Walmart To Use Kids To Help Save Its Christmas Season

Walmart, for the second year, gathered hundreds of kids, the real toy experts, to help the mega-retailer determine what to stock up on for the holiday season.

Olive Garden announces All-You-Can-Eat Pasta

Olive Garden is celebrating the return of its most popular promotion – Never Ending Pasta Bowl – with the introduction of the first-ever Never Ending Pasta Pass.

Confirmed: Home Depot: 60 Million Customers’ Credit Card Information in Hackers’ Hands

If you shopped at Home Depot in the last five months, your credit card information could be in the hands of hackers. Home Depot confirmed Monday that 60 million shoppers' credit card data in the United States and Canada, were stolen by hackers, reported. Home Depot CEO Frank Blake said...

Panera Bread: Leave Your Guns At Home

Panera Bread CEO Ronald Shaich took an unusual step today. Effective immediately, Shaich is asking customers to leave their guns at home.

In Orlando, Fast Food Workers Protest for Higher Pay, Again

Fast food workers gathered across the country for a day of protest, again calling for higher pay and better working conditions. In Orlando, a group gathered on International Drive, urging an increase in the local minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Surgeon General Applauds CVS for Keeping Tobacco-Free Promise Early

Florida's State Surgeon General, Dr. John Armstrong, praised CVS for removing tobacco products from its shelves one month ahead of it's planned schedule, and challenged other retailers to do the same.

Home Depot Investigating “Massive” Hack, Customer Data Likely at Risk

Home Depot confirmed Tuesday that an investigation is underway into a suspected hacker attack which might have affected customer credit card data.

Study: Americans Finally Catch On, Economy is Permanently Damaged

A just-released report finds Americans far more pessimistic about the economy than they were right after the Great Recession.

AAA: More Floridians Traveling this Labor Day Weekend

About 1.7 million Floridians are expected to travel during the Labor Day holiday week-end, an increase of 2.4 percent over 2013, AAA Travel announced Thursday. Most Floridians - 1.5 million or 88 percent will travel by road, taking that final road trip before summer comes to a close. The Labor...

Exercising Your Civic Duty: An All-Night Affair

Let your voice be heard at a time that works for you, vote in the local elections on August 26.

Here’s What Equal Pay Means For Small Businesses Like Mine

Eighty percent of my customers are women and closing the gender wage gap will allow more customers to walk through my doors and purchase the piece of organic furniture they are looking for to better their home.

That doesn’t sound right

A majority of families depend on income from men and women, making equal pay not just a women’s issue. On average, the income difference between men and women is just over $7,000 a year. That’s huge!

SeaWorld Stocks Plunge as “Killer Whale” Bad Press, Protests Hurt Parks

SeaWorld shares plunged Wednesday, falling by as much as 33%, after the theme park reported that it failed to meet earnings and revenue expectations. SeaWorld reported earnings of $0.43 per share, less than the $0.59 that was expected by analysts. For the first time, the Orlando-based company conceded that attendance at...