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Exercising Your Civic Duty: An All-Night Affair


by Martin Heroux

photofinalLast Tuesday I attended an Orange County Commission meeting to discuss my concerns about their proposal to move more local races from the general election to the August primary. The consistently dismal voter-turnout in August makes it a foolish time to elect the leaders who have the most influence in our daily lives. Unfortunately, due to the ambiguous meeting agenda of our commissioners, I did not get my chance to address them.

I arrived at 2pm only to find out the commission’s litany of issues—all very important—to be debated and after waiting several hours had to leave to return to work. Prior to the meeting, there was no schedule of topics made available to the public or any opportunity to recommend certain issues be covered at a time when those affected have the ability to be heard.

I am a co-owner of Armando y Jorge’s Orlandonan Hot Sauce Company. As a small business owner I rely on organizations like the Main Street Alliance for information on the issues I care about and an opportunity to speak on behalf of my community, even on the occasion when the opportunity is lost.

Let your voice be heard at a time that works for you, vote in the local elections on August 26.

Martin Heroux is a small business owner and Main Street Alliance member

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