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Here’s What Equal Pay Means For Small Businesses Like Mine


by Vanessa Cidral

Organic2I was recently asked what equal pay for woman would mean for my business and it really got me thinking. The increase in sales would be great for me and my shop, but the potential impact on the community is far greater. Increased sales would allow me to hire additional employees, raise employee wages, and open more stores throughout Central Florida.

80% of my customers are women and closing the gender wage gap will allow more customers to walk through my doors and purchase the piece of organic furniture they are looking for to better their home. The increase in sales would put me in a position to give back to the community that supports me through added tax revenue. The added taxes I pay will help the county repair roads, build infrastructure, and fund environmental conservation projects.

Increased sales means increased work and an opportunity to provide employment and living wages to members of the community. When people are employed and making a fair wage they can go out and shop and put their money back into the local economy. Equal pay is not just a women’s issue, it is a community issue.

I joined the Main Street Alliance in support of the Vote Local 2014 campaign. The campaign encourages people to take part in the local election tomorrowAugust 26. While Congress is at a stalemate on equal pay and other important issues we can make positive changes locally. Visit for more information on where the candidates stand.

Vanessa Cidral is the owner of Organica Furniture and a Main Street Alliance Member


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