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A Wake-Up Call in the Fight Against Hunger

Hunger is a dilemma – and silent crisis – many families are struggling with right now in Central Florida and beyond. It is urgent.

Pro-Immigrant Measures Also Bear Fruit at Polls

As U.S. voters want balanced solutions that deal with the border, pro-immigrant measures also pay benefits at the polls.

At Goodwill, Service Starts at Home

Moe Greenidge, Board Relations liaison at Goodwill Industries of Central Florida, asks: What does it mean to be part of and give back to our communities?

Dedicated Grounds Crew at Orlando VA Cultivates Pride, Serenity for Veterans

The Orlando VA Healthcare System vibrant and meticulously manicured grounds serve as a testament to the dedication and hard work of its grounds crew.

Healthy Smiles for Life: The Importance of Phase I Orthodontics

February marks National Children’s Dental Health Month, and Baptiste Orthodontics explores importance of orthodontics in children’s dental health.

Two Eras of Healing at Orlando VA Health Care System

A unique thread of healing has woven through generations of a family's medical legacy, and an Orlando VA physician found himself treating a special patient.

Digital Dentistry: Transforming Patient Care

In a groundbreaking move towards enhancing dental services, the Orlando VA Healthcare System (OVAHCS) has unveiled a series of cutting-edge upgrades to its dental clinic, designed to revolutionize patient care and operational efficiency, that are sure to keep Veterans smiling. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); These...

The Remarkable Impact of Esketamine Therapy

Esketamine, a novel therapy, is being used at the Orlando VA Healthcare System (OVAHCS) to provide mental health treatment for Veterans.

In Life’s Storms, Supporting Foster Kids Takes a Community

When Hurricanes Ian and Nicole swept through Central Florida last year, most of us here in Central Florida immediately jumped into planning mode — gathering supplies, filling the tank with gas and keeping one eye on the weather channel. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); But for...

Motivation to Cessation: Veterans’ Triumph with VA’s Tobacco Program

The Orlando VA and Veterans nationwide stand united, embodying the spirit of this event and sharing stories of triumph over smoking addiction.

Caring for Those Who Served: Addressing The Mental Health of Veterans

Guest column: The spouse of an Army veteran and Gold Star Mother shares jarring statistics about veteran mental health and available resources to help.

Bringing Hope and Healing: Overdose Awareness at the Orlando VA

In the heart of Orlando, Florida, where sunshine and palm trees paint a picture of tranquility, there exists a place that holds the stories of courage, resilience, and recovery. The Orlando VA Health Care System (OVAHCS) is not just a hospital; it's a beacon of hope for Veterans battling...

Constant Scarcity: Florida’s Kids Need Foster Homes

On any given day, approximately 2,300 Central Florida children are living in the tri-county area’s foster care system.

A Great Education Doesn’t Stay in The Classroom

As many Central Florida students round out the first nine weeks of school, it’s important to remember that a great education goes beyond the classroom.

Growing and Learning – Personally & Professionally – Through a Career in Hospitality

It’s not every day that you find a job that’s equal parts fun, challenging and rewarding … but that’s what I’ve found at Marriott Vacations Worldwide.

Celebrating the Fourth of July: Honoring Veterans’ Sacrifices and Commitment

As we approach the Fourth of July, it is essential to take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices and unwavering commitment of our nation's Veterans.

Positive Potential: The Power We All Have to Fight Hunger

Everyone has the potential to make a difference, no matter how you choose to act. Learn more about making an impact on hunger in Central Florida.

Tackling Poverty and Hunger in 2023

Food distribution at Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida returned to the level we first saw at the height of the pandemic: 300,000 meals per day.

Mending Broken Hearts – and Broken Homes

Julia Eusebio, a clinical UM manager with Embrace Families, focuses on youth in foster care, but offers advice to anyone who wants to mend a broken heart.

Over Spring Break, Let Kids Relax and Unwind – and Rediscover a Love of Learning

Guest column discusses five ways for students to relax and unwind over Spring Break, so they come back excited and prepared for the rest of the year.

Black, African American Participation Important in Alzheimer’s AHEAD Study

Black Americans are severely under-represented in Alzheimer’s disease research studies. Be represented. Be present. Be the breakthrough.

Animal Rights Group Protests Foie Gras at Local Grocer Wild Fork

Animal rights activists from Direct Action Everywhere gathered in front of local grocer Wild Fork to protest the sale of foie gras.

Animal Rights Group Commemorates 10-Year Anniversary with Winter Park Protest

Grassroots animal rights network Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) performed another demonstration locally, marking DxE’s 10-year anniversary.

Thanks, Central Florida — Love, Kids in Foster Care

It truly takes a village – and Central Florida shows up time after time when called upon. Thank you.

Helping Neighbors and Spreading Holiday Cheer All Year

If you’ve ever dropped off a box of donations at your local Goodwill, you might have wondered what happens to it after you hand it over. Find out here.

U.S. Postal Service Holiday Ready, Well Prepared to Deliver Fast

The U.S. Postal Service has been hard at work preparing for the holiday season since January.

Changing Lives, One Case at a Time

There are about 2,000 child protection caseworkers in Florida who dedicate their careers to helping families and neighbors in need.

Activists March Through Downtown Orlando Demanding Justice for Animals

Activists with the grassroots animal rights network Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) gathered at Lake Eola Park then led a march through downtown Orlando.

Orlando Animal Rights Group Celebrates Successful Activism Campaigns

DxE Orlando's successful activism campaigns convinced Orlando restaurants to remove foie gras from their menus, and continued to fight for animal rights.

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is the season of unpredictability, but an established emergency response ensures  small business owners a level of control.