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A Good Samaritan discovered over 1 million dollars in cocaine floating at sea near the Florida Keys.
A map of a proposed Puerto Rico National Rail Network is getting a lot of reactions in Puerto Rico and in Puerto Rican communities in the United States, including Florida.
No matter the time of year, on-time package deliveries start with the customer — and knowing when to ship your packages is key.
Florida's housing market showed higher median prices, more cash sales and tight inventory levels in October.
March of Dimes: In Florida, there is much work to be done as the preterm birth rate among Black women is 53% higher than the rate of all other women.
ONSCREEN announced a set of senior-focused features designed to simplify the experience of making and receiving video calls over the TV.
Florida McDonald's Operators will award grants to advance education across the counties in which it serves.
Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida Cabinet approved seven Florida Forever land acquisitions and conservation easements totaling nearly 20,000 acres.
The Rainbow Movement: Rainbowland Documentary Receives Overwhelming Response