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In a new report on the States Hurt the Most by the European Travel Ban, Florida is the 4th most hurt state.
Governor Ron DeSantis used his line-item veto power to cut $1.5 billion from the state's record $100 billion budget.
There's good news and bad news around Florida's unemployment data.
There's much more to the story behind a domestic abuse allegation and it's time to expose the lie against Alan Grayson.
“I look forward to us elevating the discussion on vitiligo symptoms, treatment, and research,” Rep. Daisy Morales shared.
The Florida National Guard participated in DEFENDER-Europe 21, which demonstrates that the U.S. commitment to NATO is iron clad.
State Representative Geraldine Thompson initiated the presentation of a resolution to honor George H. Starke, Jr.
Would you rather have COVID-19, or the COVID-19 Vaccine?
Governor Ron DeSantis has banned government from issuing and business from requiring any type of COVID-19 vaccine passport in Florida.