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Fruit and Vegetables: 90% of Americans Below Amount Recommended

Is the constant consumption of fruit and vegetables in the U.S. still a dream?

Trends Shaping the Future of Food in 2023

According to Squareat, the world is entering a global food transition.

EPA Announces Millions for Community Air Pollution Monitoring Projects

EPA announces 132 air monitoring projects across the county, including Orange County, will receive millions to enhance air quality monitoring.

Study Shows Treatment Effective for Covid Long-Haul Sufferers with Lingering Effects

A collaboration between scientists has revealed an exciting new nutraceutical formulation that offers relief for COVID long-hauler patients.

Abbott Issues Recall of Certain Ready-to-Feed Formulas

Abbott issued a statement voluntarily recalling certain lots of Ready-to-Feed (RTF) liquid formula products.

House Party with HUD Secretary about Pathways to Homeownership

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Fudge hosts virtual ‘House Party’ to share information on federal resources and the homebuying process.

The Evolution of U.S. Medical Tourism Virtual Summit

Medical tourism event planned as Americans are looking beyond borders for solutions to their healthcare needs.

SellMyTimeshareNow Continues Record Performance

SMTN reported increased offers and activity for its timeshare resale and rental platform. The company's corporate office is in Orlando, Florida.

ISS National Lab-Sponsored Research Accompanies SpaceX Crew-5

New space-based research accompanied astronauts to the International Space Station from Central Florida as part of SpaceX's 5th Commercial Crew mission.

Amtrak Aims to Achieve Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As part of Amtrak’s vision for the future, Amtrak has pledged to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across the Amtrak Network by 2045.

Bipartisan Members of Congress Call on DHS Secretary to Address Antisemitism Nationwide

Bipartisan letter sent to Homeland Security Security Mayorkas urging urgent action to combat antisemitism and prosecute antisemitic hate crimes.

United Launch Alliance Successfully Launches Critical National Security Mission for U.S. Space Force

A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket lifted off carrying the USSF-12 mission for the U.S. Space Force.

U.S. Postal Service Releases Dog Attack National Rankings

More than 5,400 U.S. Postal Service employees were attacked by dogs in the United States in 2021.

Planet Fitness Offers High School Summer Pass: Teens Work Out Free

Planet Fitness is offering teens the chance to work out free all summer long.

Space Force Releases Grooming, Uniform Policy Updates

In a Space Force Guidance Memorandum, the Space Force announced updates to grooming and uniform policy that reflect the nation’s sixth service identity and culture. By order of the Secretary of the Air Force, this Space Force Guidance Memorandum immediately establishes Space the appearance and uniform wear guidance, and...

Report: New Teachers Earning 11% Than 30 Years Ago

Schools across the nation are having difficulty filling teacher positions, with low wages being a primary cause.

Publix Ending Popular Free Program

Publix Super Markets are distributing warnings to customers that a popular free program is ending on June 1st.

U.S. Postal Service Delivered More Than 270 Million COVID-19 Tests

The United States Postal Service announced today that it has delivered more than 270 million COVID-19 tests to American households.

The Financial Pandemic: Younger and Older Americans Are Struggling the Most

A survey shows the oldest and youngest respondents had to drain their savings account due to the pandemic.

One People Flags Launches with Mission to Unite Communities through Free American Flag Sets

One People Flags provides free American flag sets for homes across the country in order to unite our communities under a banner that belongs to all of us.

Miss Earth USA Crowns 2022 Winners in Orlando

Miss Earth USA announced their newly crowned 2022 winners for the Teen, Mrs., and Miss divisions of the competition.

USPS Accepted 13.2 Billion Mailpieces & Packages during Holidays

USPS accepted more than 13.2 billion mailpieces and packages during the holidays with an average delivery time of less than 3 days.

NASA Selects New Astronaut Recruits to Train for Future Missions

NASA has chosen 10 new astronaut candidates from a field of more than 12,000 applicants to represent the United States and work for humanity's benefit in space.

Proposed Puerto Rico National Rail Network

A map of a proposed Puerto Rico National Rail Network is getting a lot of reactions in Puerto Rico and in Puerto Rican communities in the United States, including Florida.

Smithsonian Launches National Race Initiative

The Smithsonian will kick off its new national race initiative, “Our Shared Future: Reckoning with Our Racial Past,” with a virtual forum August 26th.

Trump Teases ‘Book of All Books’ and More

Former President Donald Trump remains a political force greater than any efforts to censor or criticize him and now he is discussing potential book deals.

Amtrak Connects US: A Vision to Grow Rail Service Across America

“President Biden’s infrastructure plan is what this nation has been waiting for," said Amtrak CEO Bill Flynn.

Soto Celebrates First National Borinqueneers Day

“On the first National Day of the Borinqueneers, we pay tribute to the heroes of the 65th Infantry Regiment"

Contributions and Influence of Immigrant Voters in the 2020 Presidential Election

It is important to note that immigrants have different backgrounds, beliefs, and concerns.

COVID-19 Vaccine: The Silent War, The Silent Race

Would you rather have COVID-19, or the COVID-19 Vaccine?