It is important to note that immigrants have different backgrounds, beliefs, and concerns.
Would you rather have COVID-19, or the COVID-19 Vaccine?
Here's the full statement from former President Donald J. Trump:
From New York City to the California coast; from Florida beaches to the Sierra Nevada; and from the Windy City to heart of the Big Easy, Amtrak’s world-famous long distance routes offer countless itineraries to over 500 destinations from coast to coast.
Social media companies have been under intense scrutiny over the past few years for their influence and seemingly unchecked power on the global social and political process.
Former President Donald Trump is blasting President Joe Biden's immigration and enforcement policies in the early days of the new administration.
Trump also called this "yet another phase of the greatest witch hunt" in his statement reacting to the verdict, published in full.
Read President Trump's full answer to the article of impeachment against him.
What will happen next week when the U.S. Senate attempts to impeach former President Donald J. Trump?