Second quarter asked who has the better bench. Second quarter answered the Magic do.
Dwight Howard was named the Aleve-Publix ‘Hustle Player of the Year’ at halftime of the Orlando Magic’s regular season finale Wednesday evening against the Indiana Pacers.
The survival of Nick Schuyler, who endured almost two days at sea after a boating accident that probably cost two National Football League players and another person their lives, was nothing short of a miracle, his doctor said.

It’s the Magic Show

The fight that everyone was waiting for finally came through on Wednesday night at the Amway Arena. The Orlando Magic showed how much they really wanted to win by playing a hard defensive game and earning a victory of 113-92 against the Boston Celtics.
It’s billed as the war on I-4. The Orlando Predators take on their in state rival the Tampa Bay Storm in a game where winner takes bragging rights and loser takes…Well the loser just goes back home.
Enough of the pillow talk, the threats, the meaningless comparisons, and the pre-game media hype… it’s time to play.
Howard will be the upcoming cover story in the April issue of Men’s Health magazine (circulation: 2 million).  The issue is scheduled to hit newsstands next Wednesday.
It was once again a packed house on Thursday night in Orlando. While the San Antonio Spurs chased another win to bag for their record, Stan Van Gundy’s team was looking for the light at the end of the tunnel to chase away their losing streak.
What happened to Peyton? Was it fate or was there something behind the Colts’ demise.... to this career management professional the symptoms all pointed to the dreaded: Malus-Nonverbalis-Communicatis.