Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Political Parties Don’t Deserve Respect

Don’t be surprised if the elected official and party member that represents you takes a bribe, gets caught with drugs, gets accused of domestic violence or gets pulled over by cops for drunk driving.

Wildcats return to form against Savannah State University Tigers with 21-7 victory

Bethune-Cookman continued its dominance in the battle of the cats by bashing the Savannah State Tigers with a 42-12 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) victory before a Municipal Stadium crowd of 5,975.

Prince Hall Day 2015 celebrated with Pomp and Circumstance

A major masonic celebration was observed by members of various lodges across Central Florida. Each September, around the United States and abroad, Prince Hall masons come together to celebrate the man who made the organization available to Blacks.

The Politicians and the People You Love

Now is the time when people in Florida are talking more and more about politics. While Black people, as always, it seems, are running for their lives many current and aspiring politicians have decided on running for elected office.

In The Presence Of My Enemies

When your enemies try to cut you off, shut you down, destroy your marriages and relationships, get you fired, try to put you out of business, success is always the best revenge!

Bulldogs bully Golden Lions 35-7 in lackluster MEAC/SWAC Challenge

South Carolina State, after a slow start, exploded for 28-second half points for a 35-7 win over the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff in the 11th annual MEAC/SWAC Challenge at he Orlando Citrus Bowl Sunday in a contest that was delayed almost two hours due to weather conditions.

Positive Thoughts, Positive Life

In my life, I have also realized that my thoughts and the thoughts of others that matter to me must be evaluated in a particular context.

War In A Black Community

There is power in Black unity! The right community leadership can encourage us to put our differences aside and work together for at least a moment.

Flag Foolishness

You can remove the Confederate flag from the flag poles and grounds of political institutions but you can’t take the Confederate attitudes from the hearts and minds of politicians and other conservatives!

Go With The Flow

When the flow gets dangerous, when the flow gets scary, when the flow might jeopardize your job, your status, your health, your security or your game, some people decide to run away from the flow!


  Zoo “Zoo” is another great read by these two authors.  Something has happened around the world.  Many different types of animals are attacking humans.  Jackson Oz, a biologist considered a crackpot, has a theory that many do not believe. He has to convince the world that his hypothesis is coming true...

Internet Ignorance

Gone are the days of the “Grio”, or African historian, storyteller, praise singer, poet and musician. Black and African history means nothing these days because if it did it would be “trending” on the internet.

Dog Food

I believe that all judges should be women because women are the most judgmental creatures on earth!

Dwight Taylor Food Giveaway Feeds Dozens of Hungry Central Floridians

The Food Give-away was presented by State Representative Dwayne L. Taylor and was held Saturday, May 30th from 10:00am until 1:00pm in the atrium of the UCF building on Daytona State’s campus located at 1200 International Speedway Blvd.

#1 Interview Ooop

As the night before the interview nears an end, you barely sleep. The anticipation and self-talk about possible questions and possible answers swirl like a tail-free tornado.

Sue’s Seduction

  Sue’s Seduction” reminded me of several themes in “Star Trek.” From “Star Trek The Next Generation” episode “Too Short A Season” where Admiral Mark Jameson takes a potion that reverses the aging process and from original “Star Trek Mud’s Women,” where women take a pill that makes them beautiful. ...

When Coattails Become Halter Tops

Republican consultants know very well that if Black voter turnout is subdued, discouraged or politically prevented, no Democrat could win a rat race or a political contest!

(No)tivator or (Mo)tivator: Job Success

If your reaction was “who cares,” congratulations, you are swimming with the majority of folks out there and boxed yourself in as a NOtivator. How long do you tread?

Finally, A Fair State Attorney

Thank God for Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby. She is a hero to me but we really don’t need heroes. I thank God for sending us a Black public servant that is not afraid to do the job she is supposed to do!

Urban Uprisings

More and more and more urban uprisings will take place in the future as long as political puppets, social opportunists and embedded informants masquerading as leaders call for peace while the poor, the Black, the denied, the disrespected, the exploited and the oppressed masses are calling for equal rights and justice!

Championship Racism

Americans are the owners of the Racism Championship of the World! Anytime they can say something bad about Blacks in sports, Blacks in government, Blacks in business or anywhere Black people are, they will do it!

Flagler Knights ride into Playoffs in only their inaugural season

Flagler and Volusia County love their football. Multiple teams have taken to the field throughout recent years to include the Volusia Wolfpack and two incarnations of the Daytona Beach Wildcats.

INOW “We’ve Got Your Back” Youth Symposium Descends on Daytona Beach

The INOW “We’ve Got Your Back” symposium comes to town Saturday, April 25th at the Yvonne Scarlett-Golden Center located at 1000 Vine Street in Daytona Beach.

“Focus” is NOT a four-letter word

Focus relates to letting whoever receives your resume and cover letter immediately recognize the position of interest and what you bring to the table.

Black-White Sex Acts

Selectively biased white reporters and others, including some African American journalists, choose every opportunity they can to accuse the man, Jameis Winston, of raping a white woman.

The Greatest Communicator: What Ronald Reagan Taught Me about Politics, Leadership, and Life

“Valhalla” is the first of a series that roars off the page from the very beginning. An expedition team in Greenlandgets more than they bargained for when they discover Viking crewmen five hundred feet below the World War II plane they originally found.

Political Black Coffee

Every election season so-called Negro leaders race each other to see who can be first.

“Gooder and Gooder!”

Like a thief in the night, April was the month that my sister was tragically killed in an arson fire. For 16 treacherous Aprils, I had fervently tried to have amnesia that entire month, but only in vain and to no damn avail.

Bridge Burning: A Matter of Trust

No doubt you’ve heard the cliché “don’t burn bridges,” but what does it mean in relation to professional development and does it really matter?

Downton Abbey: Rules For Household Staff

Downton Abbey continues to thrill and amaze the world with 5 seasons under its belt.