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A friend that I admire a great deal oftentimes has a “psychological” world view. She encourages me to write about “good things” or “right things”.

She feels that much of my attention is often focused on what is wrong with the world and believes I can find beauty, peace, joy, etc., when I can find it first in my heart and mind.

Well, while I agree the mind is a terrible thing to waste at the same time I can believe that actions speak louder than words!

All of us can think good thoughts but when faced with finite decisions we sometimes change our minds.

On the flip side, you can think about an internet message but once you take the action to post it, you can never take back that message! You can think it’s a bad time to have a baby but you can never undo or take back a pregnancy. You can think that it would be a good time to put someone in check but when the person checked responds with a much stronger, harder or perhaps violent check the initial thoughts may not have been appropriate.

One thing I truly believe about my friend’s thought process is that there is power in positive thinking! If you believe in and feel positive about yourself, someone else may believe in you and think positively about you.

A “scientist” like myself always needs to be considerate and mindful of mine and others thoughts and feelings.

I can see where one might think in my writing and in my everyday life there are times when I respond too quickly, too forceful, too harshly or too violent.

I have promised to be more cognizant in that regard.

In my life, I have also realized that my thoughts and the thoughts of others that matter to me must be evaluated in a particular context.

For example, take thoughts about love. People are quick to say “I love you”, especially in times of lovemaking, but if you ask 100 people what love is you could get about 100 different answers.

Some females will say they think a man loves them if he buys them a house, buys them a car, pays all of her bills, takes her on expensive and/or romantic vacations, values her opinions and decisions, lets her be her and so forth.

Some men will say they think a woman loves them if she doesn’t nag him, if she lets him be the man of the house, if she performs good oral and vaginal sex, if she cooks his favorite meals, if she does his laundry and stuff like that.

At the end of the day, however, love is not necessarily based on material or financial or physical benefits. Love is pretty much related to how you treat people you love and how those people treat you.

I desire people in my life that have a brain, so to speak, and I love people that recognize and understand their feelings. I am learning to express and to share my thoughts and feelings with persons that I feel I need to express and share with.

I believe in the power of positive thinking. I believe that happiness and joy are good things to want and have.

But there will never be peace or love in life or relations until there is justice in those areas also.

Ladies in my life, when the time is right, keep on doing the “touchy feely”!


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