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Political Dummies

The Gantt Report 

After Hillary Clinton and many other Democratic candidates around the country suffered devastating defeats in 2016 elections, someone asked President Barack Obama what he wanted to do when President-Elect Donald Trump replaces him in the White House.

I thought Obama would say that he was going back to Chicago to resume his career as a community organizer. Reports say Barack was a formidable community worker. He was so good at it a movie was made about those times that masqueraded as a Barack-Michelle love story!

No, the President didn’t say that! Barack Obama said he and his beautiful wife Michelle Obama wanted to work hard to rebuild the Democratic Party.


If you don’t know what “LLH” stands for its “Laughing Like Hell”!

President Barack Obama is very educated. In fact, the world knows he was so smart he became the very first Black President of the prestigious Harvard Law Review at his alma mater, Harvard University.

In my opinion, a desire to rebuild the Democratic Party in the United States was one of the dumbest post-Presidential career decisions ever made by a Presidential lame duck in political history!

The Democratic Party is dead! Somebody call 911. Get Reverends Jesse Jackson  and Al Sharpton and T.D. Jakes to perform the eulogy. Tell Yolanda Adams and Mary Mary to sing a heartfelt funeral song. The Democratic Party is as dead as a door nail!

Stop putting your time, your energy, your love, your money and everything else into a dead marriage, a dead relationship or a dead political party! That’s like pouring water on a dead plant. When you can’t fix a political party or a political operation that poisons your political life, leave the Democratic Party lovers alone. Give your best to a good political party that wants you and deserves you and leave those dead hypocritical Democratic Party operatives in the political party cemetery!

The national Democratic Party insulted it’s Democratic members, conned its Democratic campaign contributors and ignored its Democratic base of voters that loved the Democratic Party more than they loved themselves!

I haven’t asked President Barack Obama if he read Black owned newspapers or surfed Black owned internet sites of even gathered the country’s Black political professionals to ask them their views on how to win elections or improve Democratic voter turnout but I doubt it.

If he just read The Gantt Report he would have known many years ago that the Democratic Party was doomed to die!

He would have known that the Democratic Party took loyal Democratic voters for granted. He would have known that Black elected officials who the Democratic Party chose to get out the Black votes couldn’t draw political flies to a political outhouse. He would have known that just because a preacher is a preacher it didn’t mean that all preachers were registered voters or that preachers could motivate their congregations to vote for a political party that never voted for them. He would have known that the 1950 tactics suggested by multi-million dollar high paid white political consultants were unusual, outdated and ridiculous to use in modern-day elections where knowledge or political science, political technology and political savvy was a must.

President Barack Obama’s desire to rebuild the Democratic Party is akin to Humpty Dumpty trying to rebuild the wall that gave him a great fall!

Somebody that loves the President and loves the Democratic Party should forward this column to the nation’s lame duck President so he’ll know not to embarrass himself and the African-American US citizens that love him more than a political junkie loves his political crack pipe.

Tell him most former Democrats, most loyal Democrats and the party’s only true block of voters don’t want to rebuild The Democratic Party, they want to destroy the Democratic Party!

Candidate Bernie Sanders had it right. The people wanted a Democratic revolution. The people wanted a party that supported members of their party and the people wanted a political party that they could be proud of, not a party based on political trickeration!

President Obama, don’t drag your wife down a political road behind a run down, raggedy political truck the way closet klansmen and red necks drag Black community activists down Texas, Alabama and Mississippi dirt roads!

If you’re going to make a dumb statement about rebuilding the Democratic Party you better hire some consultants, some advisers and some assistants that know what the hell they are doing!

Batman and Robin, Superman and Super Girl or Willie Tyler and Lester  can’t save a political party that has dummies as leaders!

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  1. Except, President Obama won twice. Gotta give him credit for knowing something. Bernie came over to the Democratic Party to have a chance of winning, but he helped to destroy the party instead. And, two weeks before the voting, everybody thought that it was the demise of the Republican Party.Your hindsight is 20-20 just like everybody else’s. Congratulations on stating the obvious.


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