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Orlando Commissioner Regina Hill Must Resign

UPDATE 3/28/2024: FDLE has now charged Orlando Commissioner Regina Hill with multiple serious crimes and she has been booked with a new mugshot.

Orlando City Commissioner Regina Hill, who has seemingly been involved in scandal since her initial election, must resign from her position after the latest allegations and confirmation of an ongoing investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. It’s time for Regina Hill to go, and if she will not resign, the West Orlando News calls on Governor Ron DeSantis to remove her from office.

While the troubled Commissioner is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, in the court of public opinion and politics Regina Hill should have been removed from office long ago.

Orlando Commissioner Regina Hill The latest allegations stem from a much larger complaint leveled by Mrs. Jacqueline Cockerham, a heroic former City of Orlando employee and aide who has emerged as a whistleblower pushed out of City Hall.

As a reminder, Regina Hill was recently served in a civil case involving exploitation of a vulnerable senior, with accusations that the Orlando City Commissioner stole money from the elderly victim she was exploiting for personal gain. The subject of the case against Regina Hill is Annie Mae Curtis and the petitioner is listed as Adriane Alexander, represented by attorney John Martino. This is also connected to larger criminal investigation into the Commissioner.

It’s an absolute shame and total failure that the Orlando Mayor refuses to stand up for his own constituents and taxpayers who are suffering by having Regina Hill at City Hall. In fact, Mayor Buddy Dyer, also a Democrat like Regina Hill, has refused to call on the Commissioner to step down and allow District 5 to have new representation. West Orlando News pressed Mayor Dyer and his administration multiple times over multiple days, and Dyer still claims there is nothing he can do or say publicly about it. The evidence was presented to Mayor Dyer by employees and West Orlando News, yet he did nothing and continues to do nothing.

But this isn’t the first time Mayor Dyer showed he doesn’t care about residents, as he has remained quiet about Regina Hill for years despite what he knows. The City employee who raised the recent serious allegations was forced out by Dyer’s administration. They chose to ignore what this dedicated public employee was reporting in favor of defending a career criminal like Hill. In a way, Dyer is exploiting the city too. What is he protecting?

Regina Hill is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the culture of corruption in Mayor Dyer’s Orlando City Hall.

In addition to the damning allegations in the civil complaint, Commissioner Hill has been a chaotic representative in office. Regina Hill was arrested out-of-state for public intoxication and disorderly conduct/disturbing the peace, a previously unknown and unreported arrest. It turns out she was using Orlando tax dollars during her out-of-state trip when she was arrested too. Back in 2016, Regina Hill shockingly admitted that the home she owned at 1790 Baywood Avenue, located outside of the city limits and facing foreclosure, was her “primary home.” Since then, multiple City of Orlando staffers have claimed that the Commissioner continued to live out of the district as recent as this year. Another complaint in 2017 detailed affordable housing fraud committed by Commissioner Regina Hill.

As the official embarrassment of the City of Orlando, Commissioner Hill has also appeared intoxicated while recording herself on social media. She also targeted an Orlando firefighter who saved her life because he recorded her during a dramatic incident. “It was cursing, cursing, cursing, ‘I hate you. You’re trying to get me in trouble,’” the firefighter told local media at the time. “‘I hate all of you firemen,’ and that’s what I heard and I swear to you, I still didn’t know who she was.” He recorded her to protect himself, and her attempted retaliation failed as local hero Joshua Granada was reinstated with back pay after he was wrongfully terminated for recording audio of Commissioner Regina Hill. Mayor Dyer also refused to stand up and defend his local firefighters over Hill’s accusations.

Those are just a fraction of the scandals involving Hill in recent years, with many reporting public drunkenness on a regular basis. The complaints from residents and City of Orlando employees are too many to list and continue to stream in against the troubled Commissioner. In addition to the current financial crimes being investigated, many in City Hall have also alleged the Commissioner has been conducting illegal city business to benefit herself, though she continues to deny wrongdoing.

All around the country, if any elected official faced just one of the accusations mounted against Hill, there would be calls from other officials and political parties to resign and handle the legal affairs in private. Why not here in Orlando? Who is running the City of Orlando with this kind of behavior going on?

It is also a failure of the Florida Democratic Party (FDP), who has not called on Hill to resign despite being an embarrassment to her community and to her political party in a year as important as 2024. The FDP needs to send a strong message that Democrats like Regina Hill do not belong in office.

Enough is enough! This is another embarrassment for the City of Orlando, Central Florida Democrats and voters of District 5 caused by Regina Hill. The reality is anyone would be a better representation for Orlando than Regina Hill at this point. The investigation of the ongoing legal troubles involving Orlando City Commissioner continues.

West Orlando News calls on Commissioner Regina Hill to resign immediately – or she should be removed from office by Governor Ron DeSantis.

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  1. Can you express your true feelings? It appears your organization is not as concerned about the citizens of Orlando or Orange County as you are about your own agenda. Thank you since we who live in Orange County have lost a defense attorney, an election position I have to ask can we still vote? Because even though Ms Hill should be removed please allow me to do so as a registered voter.

  2. Like you wrote, innocent until proven guilty. Nothing else needs to be said. Why rush to judgement? Let’s wait and see what really happened. Agree? If not, why not?

  3. What about Code Enforcement introducing them? why protect them? Elderly are prime for sleazebags who profit from vulnerable. I see the obvious bias but after 49 people murdered with little investigation at Pulse Iam biased too. Hill gets excellent benefits better than most of her voters.
    Investigate the culture That allows thia behavior.

  4. Really I personally now her an they not lien she got in that office an think she better then anyone move her ass cause she’s still on drugs an love to drink I hate to say this bout my black sister bye bye regina hill what are you going to do now it’s sad an it came to the light how could u take from the senior citizens like that your at your taking point it’s over,

  5. Thank you for stating this – she has been a menace for quite some time and everyone that continues to acknowledge her unsettling behavior – especially as an appointed official – is just as in the wrong as her. Let’s stop supporting abusive, poor behaviors!

  6. You people need to stop saying things you know nothing about just going what you heard so stop and wait and let the law work on her case talk about the good things she as done but he people of color go against one other all the time you can’t talk about the white man they don’t do that and the one that don’t know God one of your family members may face the same thing even you what will you like if someone dam you .So We Are praying for her and with her she lost her daughter year’s ago and you don’t know what state of mind she as been in so if you can’t say nothing good don’t say nothing We that no God is praying for her because God knows her name

  7. HAHA all you defenders of Regina. Now what? She is gone, done, charged criminally and will never be part of the City of Orlando council again. You all should respect facts and accept you were following a career criminal and nothing more. Bye Regina!

  8. I am confused a drinking, speed sniffing, narcissistic, prejudice, rapist, that was elected to the White House. He virtually spit on anyone that didn’t agree with him was not in his wealth class. He upheld a violent mob that caused the death of a young lady. He led a mob to the US Capital and told them to go raise hell and he would meet them there. Which he intended to do but at least the secret service had the good sense not to take him. The one person that stood by his side as the Vice President was threatened with death by the very same mob.
    Once he left he stole classified documents while entertaining dictators that doesn’t mean the United States any good at his private precious Mar Largo Country Club. He lied about the value of various properties to rip off tax payers and to lie to potential investors about his worth to rip them off and to rip off the state of NewYork. Which is a part of the same country he swore to represent. He went into the White House with a rape an allegation (that he was found guilty of by a civil court, he payed off a former stripper that he was having an affair with while his wife was pregnant with his son. With money he probably got for contributions to run the republican campaign. (Not a fact) but would not be surprising if he did. He couldn’t keep staff members that were not fired they Quit! He called tax payers suckers because he was smart not to pay taxes to this fine country that he swore to represent. He now owes the state of New York anlmost $500million and can’t find a bank to secure the bond on his debt. I wonder why? He attempted to steal the election by calling the Electorial Supervisor for the state of Georgia saying he need him (a fellow republican) to find almost 12,000 votes. The call was recorded and played for the entire country. Now he’s running again not because he loves this country but because he isn’t man enough face the fact that he lost and got caught trying to cheat. He never returned all the documents stolen because he says he was the president he can do what he wants and take whatever he wants. The tax payers paid him damn good to be the president and he open a hotel near the White House and benefited money off our taxes becausethe secret service had to stay there along some people that came from other cities states and counties paid to stay there which is also illegal for him to benefit from. Even if his children are running the hotel as he said he’s the big boss over everything Trump. Which is just a brand that at one time was valuable. Now not so much unless you want to learn how to be crook.
    With all that being said Ms. Hill obviously has an illness that someone in our family no matter how close they are to us or no matter how distant they are down the line has. She should resign or be fired? Really? Wouldn’t it better to her get medical treatment she needs? I guess some people would rather have a twice impeached president that definitely was a scholar. He held the Bible wrong up side down, he didn’t quote the book of the Bible correctly. He walked out of funeral in front of the casket and the family. Not to mention called African America “The Black.” I guess to people that don’t want to live a long life and doesn’t care if his actions
    could be the example that our children just might inspire to be like? Why do I say that because we are young or middle aged now but it’s a fact “the children are our future.”

  9. This isn’t political dem or rep or black or white and this isn’t about life tragedy. Taking advantage of an elderly person who is alone and you are in a position of power is malfeasance a crime. Regina hill did things for the community using tax dollars to pay for all of it.
    She failed to support the Zion farm that was helping her community.
    That failure led to a huge loss of nutrition education, healthy food, social diversity a loss to the entire paramore district that nobody talks about that she might have stopped. Plenty of people have tragedies in their lives and don’t commit crimes and victimize others. No excuse makes this right she would have gotten away with it if the woman died. Just disgusting behavior.

  10. ???? The city was blind now they can see!! She should have been held accountable for her actions years ago. I’m still confused to how she was voted in and not out sooner she does nothing for the city of Orlando except parramore zone ..her personal stomping grounds & Buddy Dyer should be indicted also, that’s her right hand but time will tell.. the mere power she thought she had to make her think she is invincible. No time to cop pleas take accountability for your corrupt actions it’s been a long time coming #StandUpReginaHill


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