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More Legal Trouble: Civil Injunction Filed Against Orlando City Commissioner

There is more legal trouble for Orlando Democratic City Commissioner Regina Hill, who was served in a civil matter at Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The civil case revolves around exploitation of a vulnerable adult senior, with accusations that the Orlando City Commissioner stole money from the victim she was exploiting. The subject of the case is Annie Mae Curtis and the petitioner is listed as Adriane Alexander, represented by attorney John Martino.

City Commissioner Regina Hill declined comment to West Orlando News when asked last week after being notified of the legal action.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to WON that the Orlando Commissioner was served an injunction at about 5pm at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Central Operations parking lot (2500 W. Colonial Dr.) on March 13th. OCSO stated other than that they have no involvement in any cases pertaining to Orlando City Commissioner Regina Hill.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, who is also a Democrat and consistently defends and endorses Regina Hill, told West Orlando News he had no involvement or information in anything related to Commissioner Hill’s current legal issues. “Elected officials are held accountable by those who elect them,” Mayor Dyer’s office told WON. “The city does not have any authority to take disciplinary actions against an elected official.”

Many other legal issues and concerns were also outlined by Commissioner Hill’s former aide, who was forced out of her job, in an official complaint to the city. After Mayor Dyer’s administration did nothing with the complaint, the aide took her complaint to law enforcement authorities.

The City of Orlando did confirm to West Orlando News that they have been made aware of an investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement involving Commissioner Hill, but stated they are not privy to any of the details of that investigation or any potential charges, civil or criminal.

FDLE also confirmed to the West Orlando News that there is an active investigation ongoing involving Commissioner Hill, but they have no additional information to provide about the case at this time.

Either way, this is another embarrassment for the City of Orlando, Central Florida Democrats and voters of District 5 caused by Regina Hill. West Orlando News continues to investigate the ongoing legal troubles involving Orlando City Commissioner Regina Hill and Orlando City Hall. More information to come.

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  1. Well, if the power of attorney was valid, the charges would be weak. Since they revoked the power of attorney, I would say it was valid. A power of attorney legally allows the holder of that document to do things like sell property, access bank accounts, sign contracts, handle financial transactions, create trusts, and make gifts. I think this is a matter of sour grapes–former assistant issue.

  2. To BOOBOO, in one newscast it was stated that the notary whoes name and stamping on the document had no knowledge of being a witness to the signing of a power of attorney. So therefore, if any part of this is true she is in trrrrrouble

  3. Even if the power of attorney was valid, who knowingly and intentionally gives that kind of control over their money and property to someone they’ve known for only a few weeks? Elderly people are known to be particularly vulnerable, and frequent victims of scams, both online and personal, like here. Add in the victimizer’s position as a government official and what you get is a recipe for a prison sentence.

  4. Code Enforcement employees introduced Regina Hill to Ms. Curtis. Is everyone missing that? Curtis has two homes with homestead exemptions on them which is not legal. Likely unintentional. Who knows. But Code Enforcement has first line knowledge of elderly, disasters, divorces etc… The connection should be examined. What kind of culture from the top down does this show? Any company I worked for the employees reflected the management… JMO I pray no matter what that poor elderly lady is safe and protected while this is being investigated.


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