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The reaction to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis abolishing Disney's independent special district is nothing less than hysteria and it needs to stop.
Senior executives with Universal Orlando Resort apologized to employees for failing to provide leadership and support for employees in an internal video.
Rep. Angie Nixon submitted a list of questions to the Florida Department of Revenue in hopes of getting answers regarding the state’s system of taxation.
Publix Super Markets are distributing warnings to customers that a popular free program is ending on June 1st.
Orlando police recently carried out operations to recover thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise from the Premium Outlets and International Drive.
Senator Bobby Powell, on behalf of the Florida Legislative Black Caucus, called on Gov. Ron DeSantis to apologize for supporting podcast host Joe Rogan.
President Joe Biden's administration is making a historic expansion to the federal food stamp program.
The Florida Governor's office is responding to updated COVID-19 plans from Orange County officials: "coercive and appears discriminatory on its face."
These are the nearly three dozen suspects arrested or wanted on racketeering or drug trafficking charges.