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Elected Embarrassment: Video of Bizarre City Commissioner Behavior

Orlando City Commissioner Regina Hill

Appearing intoxicated while recording herself, Orlando Commissioner Regina Hill’s recent behavior is raising serious red flags, especially considering she is currently running for re-election (full video below). The City of Orlando wants to be considered a world-class city, yet behavior like this from an elected official makes it hard to take our city’s “leadership” seriously. What a reflection of Orlando.

“Actually, I’m not all that cohesive,” Commissioner Hill says to the camera in the video, which features very bizarre behavior for an elected official to record.

What does Mayor Buddy Dyer think of his City Commissioner’s actions? He’s yet to issue a comment, of course. We’ll see if Dyer ends up endorsing Hill’s re-election campaign.

Here’s a copy of the video, which has also been viewed almost 20,000 times on Facebook:

There is no doubt Commissioner Regina Hill is on something in that recording as anyone who knows her can tell she is acting bizarre. That demands a clear and full explanation from the Commissioner.

Supporters of Hill claimed she could have just been drinking liquor and shouldn’t be judged. However, Commissioner Hill has a long record of DUIs so what example is she trying to set with this kind of behavior? According to City of Orlando records from last year, Regina Hill’s drivers license stated “interlock,” which under Florida law requires ignition interlock devices to be installed on the vehicles of certain persons convicted of DUI.

Also, even if she was just under the influence of alcohol, according to Florida Statute “drunkenness” is actually one of seven reasons to recall a local elected official from office. Again, not a good excuse coming from one of Orlando’s six City Commissioners. She claims she has changed her ways, but her actions conflict with her claims.

This is also exposing a continuing pattern for Commissioner Hill. The Florida Sun reported on Commissioner Hill’s “bizarre encounter” at the Orlando Improv in their January 22, 2015 edition. Here’s the account as comedian Eddie Griffin told The Florida Sun: “I gave the sister the respect she couldn’t even give herself.” After he elaborated on just how intoxicated she [Regina Hill] appeared. Griffin added Hill had been told to stop interrupting the show, and then walked up on stage and tried to give the comedian a hug. “She even tried to kiss me! They asked her to shut up 17 times and she would not.”

“Most importantly if Hill has a problem with alcohol it will ultimately leave those who depend on her, looking for more answers to help propel their community,” Rhetta Peoples wrote in The Florida Sun at the time.

Prior to being elected, Commissioner Hill’s previous history of arrests related to drug offenses, multiple DUIs and other charges were widely covered by local media. While her past arrest history is no longer an issue, it is troubling to see the pattern of bad behavior by Commissioner Hill continue in similar ways. She clearly needs help.

For her part, Commissioner Hill did announce she will enter “grief counseling” but nothing specific to alcohol or addiction. Also, still no explanation of her bizarre behavior.

UPDATE (Sept 2017): Reports from residents and voters claim that Commissioner Hill’s bizarre behavior, substance abuse, and bad habits are continuing throughout her re-election campaign. Hill is running for re-election and the District 5 election will be held in November. There will be more to come.

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  1. This is the same commissioner who has been taken to the hospital numerous times in recent weeks RIGHT AFTER being seen intoxicated in public!! What is going on???? That video only makes me think this woman is unfit for office and her behavior is out of control still today.

  2. Why is this Commissioner still allowed anywhere near alcohol or any other illicit substances? Orlando City Hall stands for this?

  3. A 911 call was placed several weeks ago when Commissioner Hill was found nude and unresponsive in the Double Tree hotel on Kirkman dr. She overdosed, it was not alcohol.

  4. I think she might be grieving her daughter’s death. Nothing has been done about it basically and may be a lot of pain and agony over it. Something is clearly wrong.

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