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Big Tech’s Absolute Power: A Threat to Freedom of Speech and Competitiveness

Social media companies have been under intense scrutiny over the past few years for their influence and seemingly unchecked power on the global social and political process.

Embrace Diversity for Florida’s Children

Embrace Diversity has already sparked conversations with our foster care system partners throughout the U.S., and has led to a review of our internal policies and procedures to ensure fairness.

A Second Chance at a Brighter Future

When my mom heard about Project COMPASS, she thought it might be a good fit. The more I learned, the more hopeful and excited I felt to start attending classes at my new campus.

It’s a Tough Time to Talk to Kids About Money. Here’s How to Start.

Talking about money can be a difficult topic to approach – even in the best of times. But parents certainly face a greater challenge these days. How do you talk about finances when money is tight?

A Pandemic, Police Violence, and the Academic Gap

The educational achievement gap has always been there. But like so many other things, COVID-19 has forced us to reexamine what we’ve always done – and with that awareness comes the opportunity for change.

Hurricane Season 2020: Pandemic Will Impact Outage Restoration

Hurricane season is here – and it’s shaping up to be serious.

School Opening Order Leaves Some Feeling Sick

Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran’s order requires schools to open, starting in August, at least five days a week.

Orlando Only Paints The Surface Again

Sorry Buddy Dyer, your empty gestures like the recent painting of 'Black Lives Matter' on a downtown street will not erase the reality of your troubled administration.

Orlando/Orange County Issue Mandatory Mask Order. Well, Except for this Long List…

This isn't a real order that will make a difference. It's typical Orlando political theater, the last thing the public needs right now in the middle of a pandemic. 

Police Brutality Erupts National Protest #BlackLivesMatter

Recent police killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man in Minneapolis Minnesota, was a catalyst in outrage across the nation.