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Time to L.E.A.P.

Schellie Fanfan, Mental Health Therapist

A NEW YEAR IS UPON US! We live in a world where one of the few things that is constant and inevitable is CHANGE. Because many of us are creatures of habit, we often get stuck as we have not LEARNED how to embrace change nor how to grow through it.

So, allow ASK SCHELLIE to coach you through this process as BREAKTHROUGH is always on the other side of something you do not know. Here we are!  It is 2022 and we have the opportunity to L.E.A.P. together.


Learn to LIVE IN YOUR SMILE.  It is such a false expectation to believe that people should just know how to be happy.  Motivators often say that happiness is a choice.  We need to choose ourselves.  Love ourselves.  Value ourselves.  Care for ourselves.  While all of this is great, the brain cannot change and develop without new information.  So what are YOU doing to learn THE HOW?  Do you know someone that is intentional about Living In Their Smile?  Someone who values them self, cares for them self and just exudes positive energy?  If so, pull out your calendar and schedule time with that person this month.  Text, call or email the person and invest in taking them out for a bite to eat.  Communicate that you want to connect with them to share your goals, support their goals and be in the midst of their energy.  Don’t wait too long because you will either think your way out of it, or allow this needed task to slip your mind.    We have to get connected for project L.E.A.P.  We humans are designed to connect with others in order to overcome life’s punches while self-developing into the greatest versions of ourselves. It starts with a decision followed by action toward LEARNING THE NEW.  Be prepared to ask questions.  For example:  “You often appear so happy, are you really that happy?”  “I am sure you go through things because you would not be human if you didn’t.  How do you overcome the bumps?”  “I often feel down and stuck.  Can you tell me three things I can do to break this?”

If you know more than one person, fit in one more breakfast, lunch or dinner date.  Be intentional! If you do not know anyone who portrays happiness, optimism, growth and joy; seek professional coaching or counseling.  There are professionals that are trained to help you reframe your thinking while providing the training needed to learn what does not come natural to you.   Even if you have builders you can connect with, you should still consider coaching and counseling to support you in ensuring that your life takes a massive 180 degree turn.  Remember, a 360 turn lands you right back to where you started.  GET UNSTUCK!  L.E.A.P.


ELEVATE YOUR THINKING!  Problems are only problems if you are standing face to face with them.  The reason so many of us get stuck in problems and issues constantly is because we have not learned how to ELEVATE our thinking.  Never look at a problem eye to eye.  It will blind you from seeing past it which is required to get to the solution.  “What you attend to will continue” (a concept often taught by my dear friend).  If you focus on the problem, it will continue to get bigger because what you attend to will continue.  Your attention is placing deposits into the PROBLEM account.  But once you shift your thinking into problem solving, you shift your energy to one which produces power and clarity that TRUMPS your problem.  So if there is any truth to “what we attend to will continue,” be clear on what you need to continue.  Challenge yourself!  Instead of focusing on the problem, focus on the pursuit of a solution.  Instead of focusing on the frustration, focus on the favor on your life that causes your decision making to be one of the most powerful forces in the earth.  Instead of focusing on the obstacles, focus on the opportunity each trial brings for you to grow through.  When opposition comes, ask yourself; “how can I grow through this.”  It moves you further away from the victimized thinking “why me” produces.  WHY NOT YOU?  You are well able!


APPRECIATE ALL THINGS!  Be grateful for the small things, the big things and everything in between.  Appreciate it all.  There is so much healing and releasing of growth and opportunities when we are intentional about acknowledging what we are grateful for when it comes to OURSELVES and OTHERS.  It guarantees, when done with authenticity, the flow of blessings and favor in your life.  If you have trouble focusing on negative thoughts, start a gratitude journal.  Before you go to bed, take 15 minutes to write down every little thing you are grateful for starting with the first breath you took in the morning.  This daily routine will be sure to start reframing your thinking and in about 4 to 6 weeks, you will start to think differently.  The change in your thinking will ATTRACT more desired outcomes.  Gratitude is the currency that prosperity flows in.  Be intentional about shifting your thinking.  L.E.A.P.


PROPHESY TO YOURSELF AND YOUR SITUATIONS.  Whether you have a particular faith that you subscribe to or not, it is no secret that the words that you speak cause the atmosphere to respond to what it is you are saying in a profound way.  Studies show that plants and food die and rot significantly faster in environments that are saturated with negative statements, although the care for the good food and healthy plants is exactly the same.  Why?  Because words have power.  I was delighted to recently here a story of an elderly woman who is battling with Parkinson’s Disease, who walks past her wheelchair daily and says out loud “I WILL NOT SIT IN YOU.”  She is making a declaration that her condition will not reach a point where she will be immobilized.  She uses her words to shift the atmosphere in the manner that will cause desired outcomes to manifest.  What words are you speaking out loud and even in your head?  Catch those negative words, flip it to the positive and declare A POSITIVE THING OUT LOUD and ON THE SPOT.  Example?  When you start feeling like you will always be in debt, flip your thoughts and speak something that is desirable and positive such as “I am prosperous and debt free” or “I am capable of living a wealthy life” or “I am financially blessed to be a blessing to others.”  WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?  Prophesy is defined as speaking what will happen in the future.  Speak life to your dead and dark situations and learn to attract outcomes that cause you to LIVE IN YOUR SMILE.

Let us take the L.E.A.P. together at the start of our NEW BEGINNING and no matter what, not look back but only to measure how far we have come.

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