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Digital Taxonomy Act and Blockchain Innovation Act included with Consumer Safety Technology Act are the first blockchain bills to pass House.
LaughCryVote launched 10 new digital billboards in the Orlando area showing a range of political cartoons.
“The threat of homelessness is very real for many of our neighbors," Representative Thompson added.
Lyft also announced they are partnering with More Than A Vote to provide access to rides to arena polling locations in Orlando...
The plebiscite, scheduled to take place on November 3rd, will allow the people of Puerto Rico the opportunity to vote for statehood or independence.
After Senate Republicans blocked a vote for his House-passed Venezuela TPS Act, local Congressman Darren Soto also voiced his frustration.
Quite literally, unions save lives.
The Science in Blood Donation Act of 2020 would end discrimination against potential blood donors based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.
“Disasters happen," said Rep. Demings. "But evictions during a disaster don’t need to."