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Billboards Pose Post-Roe Question: Do All Women Have ‘Equal Access to Motherhood?’

Digital billboards in Miami and Orange County call attention to the lack of support for mothers.

While many Americans determine their stance on access to abortion, a main topic of the 2024 presidential election, three new billboards alongside some of America’s most traveled roads pose a new post-Roe question: Do all women have Equal Access to Motherhood?

According to the group, Equal Access to Motherhood means a woman has the support she needs to be a mom including:

  • Easy-to-access care in pregnancy and beyond
  • Empowerment to become the mom she most aspires to be
  • Confidence to raise her child, choose to foster, or choose adoption
  • Support to pursue motherhood and career, college, or other dreams

The billboards in Florida direct people to a website that highlights a new movement for women—one that fully supports women to be a mother, both physically and emotionally.

The movement points out that a woman must be fully equipped to be a mom, including having access to healthcare in pregnancy and beyond. As more than 5.6 million women in the U.S. lack access to maternity care, the new movement suggests that healthcare deserts need to be addressed for women to have their needs met and have Equal Access to Motherhood.

In addition to healthcare, Equal Access to Motherhood means social support for mothers to pursue their dreams alongside motherhood, the choice to foster or adopt, and the opportunity to become the mothers they want to be.

According to a study on why women get abortions by Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood’s research group, 76% of women felt that having a baby would interfere with their education or employment. If women feel empowered to be able to be both a mother and pursue their other aspirations like college, a career, or other dreams, then they will truly have Equal Access to Motherhood.

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