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Senator Rubio Meets with Families of Hostages Held by Hamas Terrorists

U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Vice Chairman Marco Rubio traveled to Tel Aviv on an official visit following Iran’s unjustified attack against Israel and met with families of the hostages detained by Hamas terrorists for 205 days.

The Republican Florida Senator traveled to Israel on an official visit to meet with senior Israeli officials, conduct U.S. intelligence community oversight, and stand in solidarity with America’s closest ally in the Middle East. Senator Rubio’s visit comes on the heels of an unprecedented direct attack from Iran against the Jewish State.

“I met with the families of U.S. citizens Itay Chen and Edan Alexander, who were taken by Hamas terrorists on October 7th,” Senator Rubio said. “We will not let the world forget about every American and Israeli taken hostage by evil terrorists. We should not rest until every single one of them is brought home.”

Senator Rubio met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and expressed his strong support for Israel in the midst of increasing threats in the region and what he called efforts to delegitimize Israel’s right to exist from international organizations, including from radical groups within the United States.

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