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Democratic Senate Candidate Speaks Out on FDP’s Disconnect with African Americans

Democrat Stanley Campbell voiced a pressing concern regarding the Florida Democratic Party’s relationship with its African American leadership and with its base.

This political revelation comes in the wake of the controversial ousting of two African American county Party Chairs, sparking debates about inclusivity and representation within the party ranks.

“Having traveled the state and having spoken to many of the party leadership, I see many issues requiring work, and none that purport to firing individuals,” Campbell said. “Most of the work needed requires their funding and support, not much more or less.”

As a military veteran, graduate of a Florida A&M University, business owner, farmer and lifelong Democrat, Campbell says he brings a unique perspective to the political landscape – one that he believes is resonating with an overwhelming number of the people in the State of Florida.

“It’s just our Florida core values,” he said.

His experience and the experience of others have been contrary to expectations, facing what he called unexpected backlash from the Florida Democratic Party for his candidacy. Despite this, Campbell remains committed to his mission: to offer the people of Florida a unifying candidate capable of overcoming Senator Rick Scott, his Republican opposition in the general election, and initiating a movement towards rectifying past errors in our governance that has this state in its current uproar.

“In light of all of those faces who look to us for the change they believe in, our campaign is more determined than ever to push forward,” said Democratic candidate Campbell. “It’s essential that both parties embrace candidates who reflect the diversity and experiences of the Florida we all know and love. Our mission is not just about winning an election; it’s about starting a new movement towards unity, inclusivity, and victory for us all.”

Campbell‘s campaign is a call to action for Floridians seeking an option that represents a broader spectrum of the American experience. It’s an invitation to all in Florida to support a movement towards healing divisions within the State and ensuring that every voice is heard and valued.

Campbell was born in Miami Beach, is a farmer, veteran, HBCU graduate, and is a business owner, saying that he is the only statewide candidate actually born and raised in Florida. He claims a lifetime of dedication to democratic values, and Stanley‘s campaign is focused on unifying the State of Florida and representing the diverse voices of its base. His platform emphasizes inclusivity, representation, and a commitment to addressing the needs and concerns of all constituents as he makes this run for the U. S. Senate.

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