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Florida Democrats: Rick Scott Sides with Putin, China in National Security Funding Vote

For the second time this year, Republican Senator Rick Scott voted to block national security funding to support U.S. allies in Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific and Florida Democrats blasted him.

By voting against the national security supplemental funding bill, Democrats said Rick Scott was siding with Putin and China.

“Self-serving Rick Scott has again put American’s security at risk just to score political points,” Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Alex Wood said in response. “By putting politics over national security, Scott is playing right into the hands of America’s adversaries and voters will hold him accountable in November.”

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, a Florida Democrat running for U.S. Senate, called the Republican Senator “Roadblock Rick” after voting against a House-passed bipartisan foreign aid bill that provides essential aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan in the fight to curb the interests of Putin and China.

“Today is not the first, but the second time this year that Rick Scott has voted against aiding our Democratic allies in Israel and Ukraine to further the interests of Putin and China,” said Democratic Senate candidate Debbie Mucarsel-Powell. “Floridians are tired of the extremism and the dysfunction in Washington – and by refusing to support our allies fighting to protect democracy, Rick Scott has proven once again that he is the prime example of that dysfunction. Rick Scott is a threat to our national security and our country, and Floridians are ready to hold him accountable for his extremist stances.”

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee agreed Senator Scott’s vote “is a gift to Putin, China and our adversaries in the Middle East.”

“As America’s security and service members face serious threats, Scott’s vote is a gift to Putin, China and our adversaries in the Middle East,” DSCC spokesperson Maeve Coyle said. “Scott prioritized his petty, self-serving politics over Americans’ safety – and by doing so he’s given Florida voters another powerful reason to fire him in November.”

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  1. Senator Rick Scott is doing the right thing. We the people did not vote to continually send resources to Ukraine or any other country. If the United States does not need the money, we should not have to pay taxes. This is ridiculous . Think of the American citizen and our country. How safe are we?

  2. If you want to see a perfect example of a politician putting politics over the safety of the American people, you have to look no further than our southern border. Biden breached his oath of office within hours of being sworn into office and continues to do it every single day. He’s the most anti-American president we’ve ever had, including Obama and that is saying a lot. It’s time out politicians started governing by our constitution and nothing else. We also desperately need teem limits in congress.

  3. Debbie mucarsel Powell needs to look into the mirror when she talks about extremism. Maybe she should look at her corrupt husband and his work for oligarchs. WHY DO YOU THINK SO MANY DEMOCRATS VOTED AGAINST HER IN HER REELECTION. SCOTT VOTED AGAINST THE BILL BECAUSE IT LEAVES BORDER WIDE OPEN


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