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Family Research Council Announces Presidential Straw Poll Results

President Donald Trump overwhelmingly won the Family Research Council presidential straw poll held at the annual Pray Vote Stand summit in Washington D.C.

Honestly, no other Republican candidate even made an impact other than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, but he was still far behind. DeSantis delivered remarks the Pray Vote Stand Summit hosted by the Family Research Council, and so did former President Trump, where he said he will “keep fighting for Christians as hard as I can.”

Straw poll results:

Candidate Count Percent
Donald Trump 372 63.9%
Ron DeSantis 159 27.3%
Mike Pence 13 2.2%
Tim Scott 11 1.9%
Vivek Ramaswamy 10 1.7%
Nikki Haley 9 1.5%
Joe Biden 5 0.9%
Robert Kennedy, Jr. 3 0.5%
Doug Burgum 0 0.0%
Chris Christie 0 0.0%
Asa Hutchinson 0 0.0%
Total 582


That’s right, Democratic President Joe Biden received more votes than Republican Chris Christie, who has made it his mission to attack President Trump.

“Donald Trump ran away with the [Family Research Council’s Pray Vote Stand] straw poll today. Social conservatives strongly support [President Donald Trump],” Rep. Jim Banks said. “Most pro-life President ever and will be again.”

There was also a vote for potential Vice President picks. Florida Governor DeSantis was the leading choice with 25%, followed by Senator Tim Scott with 19%, and Ramaswamy pulled in about 14% while Haley got about 13% of the vote for VP. Surprisingly, Kennedy, a Democrat, received more than 7% of the vote in this category, while former Vice President Pence only got 3%.

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  1. An ancient proverb states: a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community is detestable!

    The good decisions and policies of Trump’s administration should not deceive us into believing that character doesn’t count!


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