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26Health Launches ‘We Are With Every Letter’ Campaign in Orlando

26Health, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing care for underserved communities, launched an innovative marketing campaign and a refreshed website designed to deepen the organization’s commitment to inclusive health equity in Orlando and Central Florida.

The bilingual campaign, entitled, “We Are With Every Letter,” or, “Nosotros Estamos Con Cada Letra,” reaffirms 26Health’s mission of being a resource and haven, offering comprehensive care that is accessible to everyone, regardless of identity, age, gender or ability to pay. The campaign uses bold, vibrant imagery that serves to acknowledge 26Health’s pursuit of health equity due to continuous and compounding barriers to quality care, including increasing economic disparities and recent legislative efforts to restrict certain facets of care for marginalized communities.

Alongside the campaign, the organization’s new website incorporates features to help users quickly schedule appointments, learn more about services to address the urgent needs affecting communities and explore ways to support those needing access to healthcare.

“This campaign is a reflection of our promise as an organization to provide empathetic and culturally, competent care throughout Orlando and beyond,” explained 26Health CEO Syvonne Carter. “We want the community to know that we have our doors open to all, and that no matter who you are or what stage of life you’re in, we’ll meet you there.”

The new campaign also reaffirms 26Health’s place as a one-stop, community resource for inclusive counseling needs like trauma, anxiety, depression, including therapies for transgender and sexual identity issues. 26Health provides comprehensive mental wellness care, including holistic, mental health services for all ages delivered by Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Counselors and Licensed Therapists.

To support 26Health’s mission and efforts in the community, please donate to 26Health’s Every Letter Health Equity Fund, which funds vital services and programs that support the health and wellness of Central Florida’s uninsured and underserved.

26Health’s history began with breaking barriers for the LGBTQIA+ community who were not receiving quality in care or service, providing accessible and inclusive healthcare for underserved communities regardless of ability to pay.

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