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Central Floridians Join Rep. Maxwell Frost for Orlando Swearing-In Ceremony

Orlando Congressman Maxwell Alejandro Frost was ceremonially sworn in by former U.S. Representative Val Demings in front of a crowd of reportedly 1,000 people. The crowd came from all across Florida’s 10th congressional district in Central Florida to celebrate Frost becoming their newest member of Congress. Of course, Rep. Frost was already sworn into the 118th Congress in Washington, DC and has been actively serving prior to the local event.

Rep. Maxwell Frost OrlandoThe event, featuring performances by Frost’s father, Patrick Frost and the Osceola School of the Arts, marked a special community celebration and an opportunity for folks to gather and hear Frost’s vision for fighting for the people of Central Florida.

Rep. Frost, a Democrat representing Orlando, was recently appointed to the powerful and influential House Oversight and Accountability Committee in Congress.

Congresswoman Demings, former State Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith, Orange County Commissioner Mike Scott, State Representative Johanna Lopez, and union and community representatives delivered remarks in support to Rep. Frost during the event.

Orlando’s new Congressman also read this community pledge and asked the crowd to repeat it at the district ceremony:

But the freshman Congressman also previously stated he intends to be one of the fiercest and most vocal “defenders of justice, willing to go head-to-head against Republican lies and disinformation.” Voters should expect him to be vocal in politics over the next two years.

Rep. Maxwell Frost, at the Orlando local event, also said the following in delivered remarks:

“Tonight is not just about me. It’s about every person in this room, in this community, and in this district…

“Tonight is about our collective struggles, that many of the folks in this room have been fighting for generations…

“Here in Orlando and across Central Florida, we have so much to be proud of, but we also have so much we need to fight for…

“I always say, if you love someone, you want them to have quality healthcare, you want them to have affordable housing, the right to vote, to have food on the table, to get a good education, to have safety in their communities…

“That’s why I got into this fight, that’s why I wanted to represent you all, the people living in the very community I grew up in…

“Our office is always here to serve … I am always ready to listen and to serve.”

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