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U.S. Representative from Orlando Calls Governor DeSantis ‘Fascist’

It appears Gen Z is playing the political game like former President Donald Trump, as U.S. Representative Maxwell Alejandro Frost, a Democrat who represents Orlando and the youngest member of Congress, called Republican Govenor Ron DeSantis a “fascist.”

Well, so much for tamping down heated political rhetoric in American politics.

When defined, fascism is a far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology that is typically characterized by a dictatorial leader, militarism, and forcible suppression of opposition, among other traits. Some of the worst figures in history were fascists.

Now, by any rational standards, this is not a responsible comment from a member of the United States Congress about a sitting Governor. Florida is far from fascist, no matter your political party. Using language like this is more than a political stretch. It also doesn’t help Rep. Frost’s argument that Governor DeSantis just overwhelmingly won re-election in a democratic statewide election – and I have not heard any Democratic complaints about the election results.

DeSantis called Fascist by Orlando U.S. Rep. Maxwell Frost

Rep. Frost can make many political and policy arguments against the actions and positions of Governor DeSantis, and his constituents will likely overwhelmingly support him doing so. But to belittle the political argument down to rhetoric like calling a popular, second-term Governor a “fascist” is unbecoming of a member of Congress. It’s the kind of language that President Trump used, which Democrats complained about for years. There’s a difference between being an activist and being a member of Congress.

But, it appears Orlando’s Congressman intends to bring that rhetoric to the national stage, warning that “Fascism in Florida” could spread throughout the whole country. Rep. Frost sits on the House Oversight and Accountability Committee in Congress.

“For those not caring or paying attention to what’s going on in Florida, get ready. The #FascismInFlorida is the canary in the coal mine for what will happen nationwide. We have to fight this now,” Rep. Frost tweeted.

Interestingly, Congressman Frost read a pledge during his recent swearing-in ceremony in Orlando, where he promised: “I will see the humanity in those I disagree with,” and “I will always lead with Love.”

Really? Some people have a funny way of showing love.

Being the first Gen Z and youngest member of Congress is an amazing platform, hopefully Rep. Frost will politically mature so the level of debate is not reduced to unnecessary heated political rhetoric. As Americans and swing voters look for something new in politics, they don’t want fresh, young voices sounding like the old voices.

Central Florida is also counting on our U.S. Representative to deliver for the community. Actions like this from a new member could make it more difficult to build needed political relationships in Washington, especially in a Republican-controlled House, and in Florida, especially in a DeSantis-controlled state government.

Rep. Frost is also a musician. He’d be better off putting effort into writing and performing an opposition song and video. Music is a love language after all.

Here are the tweets where Rep. Frost calls Gov. DeSantis a fascist:
DeSantis called Fascist by Orlando U.S. Rep. Maxwell FrostDeSantis called Fascist by Orlando U.S. Rep. Maxwell Frost

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