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Orlando Democrat Named to Powerful Oversight Committee for 118th Congress

U.S. Representative Maxwell Alejandro Frost, a Democrat representing Orlando, recently announced his appointment to the powerful and influential House Oversight and Accountability Committee for the 118th Congress.

Congressman Frost said the committee – considered to be one of the most important panels in the House – will allow him to deliver in his mission of ushering justice and transparency to Floridians, while fighting back against Republican’s extremist attempts to politicize the work of the committee in order to attack democracy and promote ridiculous MAGA conspiracies.

“The people of Orlando and Central Florida sent me here to get work done and deliver results – that’s exactly what I intend to do as a proud member of the Oversight Committee,” said Rep. Frost. “Alongside my colleagues, we will hold extremist leaders, special interests, and corporations accountable in our fight for affordable housing, abortion rights, justice reform and more.”

Democratic Leadership’s selection of Rep. Frost to Oversight underscores the freshman Congressman’s status as one of the fiercest and most vocal defenders of justice, willing to go head-to-head against Republican lies and disinformation. Voters should expect him to be vocal over the next two years.

Through his work on Oversight, Rep. Frost also said he intends to continue to fight for gun violence reform, equal rights for women, minority communities, and members of the LGBTQ community, while vowing to hold extremist MAGA Republicans accountable.

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