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Trends Shaping the Future of Food in 2023

According to Squareat, the world is entering a global food transition, much like the global energy transition, fueled by changing consumer preferences, climate change, and shifts in the capital market landscape.

They say food is still in its infancy but is being propelled by seismic tailwinds: massive demographic change spurring new consumer demand and significant advancements in biology, chemistry, and physics.

That’s why Squareat has reinvented the concept of food by giving it a new shape.

The Squares are 100% natural healthy foods, just in a different shape. Convenient mono-portions, about 2 oz per Square, can be combined to create a full meal or complement other recipes.

The squared shape ensures longer shelf life and allows consumers to fully customize their diet while cutting production costs, reducing waste, and optimizing spaces during deliveries and storage.

Thanks to the innovative gourmet techniques used to prepare them, based on low-temperature cooking and thermal shocks, the Squares keep all the nutrients well preserved, and they can last up to 2 weeks refrigerated without additives.

The fact that they come individually vacuum-sealed avoids liquid exchange and helps to reduce food waste due to a maximized consumption flexibility for consumers.

All of these have raised the perplexity of many skeptics and the curiosity of those who want to try new solutions. All this seems to herald the beginning of a new era for food and its relationship with human beings. A future in which there will necessarily be more space for respect for the environment and health in general.

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