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Fruit and Vegetables: 90% of Americans Below Amount Recommended

consumption fruit vegetablesIs the constant consumption of fruit and vegetables in the U.S. still a dream? According to the IFPA – which was held in Orlando, Florida – it would seem so. 90% of Americans below the WHO recommended amount (3.4 servings per day), although research has found that over 75% of consumers overwhelmingly agree that fruits and vegetables are important and a percentage similar thinks he is eating enough.

And right in the midst of this contradiction between declarations and behaviors, we find Fresh Up Your Life, the project by CSO Italy and funded by the European Union promoted in the USA, and in the United Arab Emirates, which until 2025 will support the promotion of high-quality products. quality, nutritious and healthy, with renewed attention to the issues of sustainability, clarity and traceability of the supply chain.

The subject of Fresh Up Your Life is fresh and transformed fruit and vegetables at the basis of a healthy lifestyle. In particular, the activities will target 2 targets: B2C, in particular millennials residing in California, Florida and in the State of New York and Emirati and western expats in the United Arab Emirates; B2B, in particular the trade operators in the 2 countries.

Fresh Up Your Life landed in Orlando together with Origine Group, the consortium associated with CSO Italy, which brings together 9 leading Italian and Chilean companies that produce and market over 1,000 tons of fresh fruit and vegetables. The international mission of Origine Group is achieved by focusing on kiwifruit and pears, with its Sweeki and Made in Blu brands, but also by investing in research and innovation: this season the first harvest of the red kiwi HFR18 and the FRED® pear will take place.

“We are among the few global suppliers that can offer themselves as strategic partners in the kiwi industry with 25% of the entire Italian kiwifruit and 15% of the entire Chilean kiwifruit,” Alessandro Zampagna, CEO of Origine Group, told IFPA of Orlando. The pandemic has also pushed further the demand for transparency of the food supply chain, which is why our companies have updated certifications for food safety, responsible sourcing and organic production, concluded the number one of Origine Group.”

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