Super Bowl Champ Tom Brady Goes to Disney World

Two months after declaring “We’re going to Disney World!” with teammate Rob Gronkowski, Super Bowl MVP and champion Tom Brady followed through with a celebration visit to Walt Disney World Resort. Gronkowski already visited Disney back in February to celebrate the Tampa Bay Bucs’ victory.

According to Disney, Tom Brady has starred in the iconic “I’m Going to Disney World!” commercial more times than any other NFL player. Brady ended up visiting Disney over the Easter weekend with family and friends, and he spent some time in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Brady must still have the good luck to avoid the Easter holiday tourist crowds!

We guess his payment to the Dark Side for avoiding those crowds included filming this promotional video for Disney:

The seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady made the promise, and kept his word again. We’ll see who gets to utter the famous words next.


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