State Legislation Filed to Prevent HOA Fines from Becoming Liens

Kissimmee State Representative Kristen Arrington introduced HB 1039, an Act to prevent unpaid HOA fines from becoming liens that could lead to properties being seized, and HB 6103, which would repeal the ability for HOAs to issue fines. The companion legislation, SB 1362 and SB 1364 were filed by Orlando State Senator Victor Torres. Both are Democrats.

These pieces of legislation would ensure that excessive fines imposed by homeowners’ associations would not result in property owners losing their homes.

“Homeowners’ associations have the ability to fine residents up to $1,000 per infraction with little recourse for property owners,” said Representative Arrington. “Many of our older home owners are on fixed incomes and are not able to pay these sorts of fines, then facing the possibility of losing their homes. This legislation would keep residents in their homes.”

“Every Legislative Session I file bills relating to Homeowner Association reforms that helps protect residents from over-zealous HOA fines and penalties,” said Senator Torres. “I am honored to work with Representative Arrington this year on reducing fine amounts and limiting the ability of HOA’s to assign liens against residents in those communities.”


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