Florida Democrats Want Rubio to Condemn DeSantis

After a press conference today, Florida Democrats are attacking Governor Ron DeSantis for what they describe as devoting time to “floating a conspiracy theory” that the FBI was involved in “orchestrating” the January 6th storming of the U.S. Capitol. Gov. DeSantis’ claim is not new for many conservatives, but it shows Democrats plan to use the issue against him.

While Gov. DeSantis may welcome the Democratic attack as his popularity is solid in the state and it may gain him support in a future presidential primary, Senator Marco Rubio is also up for re-election and Democrats are trying to pull him into the matter.

“As his governor openly promotes a baseless conspiracy spread by the same people whose lies about the 2020 election encouraged a violent mob to storm the Capitol, will Marco Rubio muster the political courage to speak out? If Rubio cravenly stays silent while DeSantis continues to spread lies about the January 6 attack, his weakness will only fuel the same extremism that led to deadly violence a year ago today,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.

Florida Democrats are saying Senator Rubio has never had the courage to stand up for the truth following January 6th, citing his refusal to support a bipartisan commission to investigate the attack. Senator Rubio was also attacked for staying silent in the wake of Donald Trump’s claims about the 2020 election.

“Marco Rubio has ducked questions about the January 6 attack for months,” the Florida Democratic Party posted on social media. “Today when Ron DeSantis spread a ridiculous January 6 conspiracy theory at a press conference, Rubio was once again too scared to speak up.”


  1. Governor DeSantis mimics the Trump playbook. His comments were offensive to American Democracy. January 6th is a dark day which ruined Trump’s legacy and also threatened our country’s democracy. Anyone in Congress who participated, even voting against the election, should be expelled from Congress. We have to preserve our Democracy.

  2. Governor DeSantis mimics Trump’s playbook. His comments were offensive to American Democracy and all who love our country. 1/6/2021 is the darkest day that threatened our country. Those who voted against the 2020 election should be expelled from Congress. We must protect our Democracy.


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