Orlando Man Steals Car, Crashes into Several Vehicles

Ronald Dosson

A man who police believe stole a car, then ditched it after crashing into several vehicles on Narcoosee Road and off State Road 529 on Thursday, has been arrested.

Ronald Dosson

Ronald Dosson, 21, of Orlando, has been charged with grand theft for stealing a silver Saturn on December 9th, around 5.45 pm, from 8335 Narcoossee Road in Orange County.

Orlando Police learned from the victim, J. Maisonet, that he parked his car silver Saturn in a parking lot to collect mail and upon returning to the location his car was being driven way by an unknown suspect.  An eye witness, E. Bonilla, also told police that he saw an unknown male get into the stole vehicle and drive away.

Maisonet and Bonilla followed the unknown driver of the stolen car and observed that it struck three vehicles on Narcossee Road and three more on State Road 529 off the ramp on Narcoosee Road.

At some point, the suspect ditched the vehicle and fled on foot, with Maisonet and Bonilla giving chase.

Police searched the area eastbound on State Road 529 and found the suspect, Ronald Dosson, who was positively identified by Maisonet and Bonilla.

Dosson was arrested and taken to the Orange County Jail.  Bond was set at $1,000.


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