Michael Vick Has Paid His Debt To Society

Michael Vicks 23 month sentence ends in July and the decision to reinstate him into the NFL rest with the Commissioner, Roger Goodell. One individual with the ultimate decision of his future income will determine his fate. There is no panel or legal proceedings, or legal recourse if the Commissioner decides that Vick’s image is not consistent with the NFL’s mission.

Vick was suspended from the NFL after his conviction for bankrolling a dog fighting operation. This case was unprecedented in NFL history and no one can establish if the decision was fair. Nevertheless, he spent two years in prison on a federal conspiracy charge that left his life in shambles.

He signed a landmark contract worth $140 million for 10 years and it made him the highest paid NFL player in the league. Many African Americans feel that the powers that exist made a racist decision when they put Vick in prison. Many believe that there was a conspiracy by the status quo to exert their power, because he was making to much money.

Many African Americans feel that this situation would have been handled differently if Vick had been white. They believe that there would have been some sort of restitution and fines paid with community service. When an individual is a Black man, there is an underlining consciousness that we belong in jail, when we make a mistake.

At this point Vick is in Chapter 11 with a confirmation hearing in Virginia Bankruptcy Court to determine how he will work his way out of bankruptcy. It is obvious if Vick is allowed to return to his football career, he will be able to make millions and pay off his debts.

Vick’s lawyer and sports agent has stated that he is ready to get back in the community and be a positive force and light. Vick has turned over a new leaf and demonstrates remorse for his actions. I hope that the commissioner after talking to the different parties involved will also notice a change in Vick’s behavior.

The Falcons still control the rights and the contract to Vick. If he is reinstated into the NFL no one can predict what position the Falcon will take with Vick’s contract. At this point, the money is frozen and his creditors are suing him to recover their losses.

The logical solution to Vick’s problem is to let him play football. His achievements and records on the football field will give him the opportunity to pay his bills and present fans with a positive image. We all have made dumb mistakes when we were young and have been given many opportunities to correct the different situations.

Vick has paid his debt to society for his inability to make positive decisions. Give the man an income that compliments his skills and abilities. His entire life has been committed to being the best and now he needs to be reinstated in the NFL.

We all need a chance to be the best.



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