Is Charlie Crist the Worst Governor in America?

By:Whitney Ray

A recent string of bad press is haunting Governor Charlie Crist and could hurt his chances at the US Senate. A Forbes writer is asking if Crist is “America’s Worst Governor.” Now a Washington Post poll has classified him as one of the most “overrated” governors in the country.

From the time he took office in 2007, through October of this year, Governor Charlie Crist has been off the clock nearly 30 weeks; that according to a newspaper investigation.

Crist spent weeks in 2008 biding for a spot on the McCain ticket. Now he’s seeking a US Senate Seat. All the days spent campaigning are hurting the governor’s once stellar reputation.

“They can say what ever they want. The first amendment says so,” said Crist.

But while Crist is ignoring the problem, his opponents aren’t. Crist’s Primary opponent is taking full advantage of the governor’s bad press. Former House Speaker Marco Rubio has cut Crist’s lead in the polls in half.

Rubio’s camp is sending out emails reminding voters Crist supported the President’s economic stimulus package and pointing out the state’s 11 percent unemployment rate.

“Charlie Crist is clearly feeling the heat from a wave of devastating news accounts about his governorship, dwindling poll numbers and Marco Rubio’s insistence on holding him accountable. As Florida’s unemployment rises on his watch, Governor Crist must be held accountable for supporting a stimulus that has failed to deliver on the job creation promises he made with President Obama when they sold it to the American people. While Charlie Crist will spend millions trying to distance himself from his record, we also expect him to aim desperate attacks in Marco Rubio’s direction,” wrote Alex Burgos, Rubio campaign spokesman, in an email response.

Meanwhile, Florida Democrats are sitting back and watching the in-party fighting.


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