Scotty Randolph Goes To Washington

State Rep. Scott Randolph is traveling to the White House today (Wednesday, October 28) to work with lawmakers from around the country to develop federal clean energy legislation. He will be the only legislator from Florida in attendance.

Rep. Randolph has been selected to join the national working group of 40 state leaders working with the White House to advance federal clean energy legislation in Congress. The group met for the first time in late September week via phone, tackling energy policy issues that will put the country on course for significant progress in the clean energy economy. While in Washington, Rep. Randolph will also meet privately with members of Florida’s congressional delegation.

“Florida and many other states have shown real leadership building a cleaner, more energy efficient future,” said Rep. Randolph. “State legislators play a unique role in clean-energy jobs policies. We’re elected representatives of the people, we know the businesses and labor issues in our states, and many of us see federal action as the launching pad for the next generation of innovation and prosperity in America.”

Working with the White House, the group will help inform the debate surrounding the American Clean Energy and Security Act (HR 2454). Their efforts will focus on moving the country toward clean energy solutions that will create jobs and reduce America’s reliance on foreign oil. Rep. Randolph also plans to address the issue of proposed oil drilling off the coasts of Florida.

“Florida has again taken the opportunity to lead,” said Rep. Randolph. “Our recent efforts at the state level are at the cutting edge of job creation and innovation in the clean energy economy – and one of the few areas of job growth during the current downturn. The progress we’ve made can serve as a model for the rest of the country as Congress takes needed action to build a prosperous economy and a more secure clean energy future.”


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