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Florida Democratic Party Reacts to Abortion Rights Heading to 2024 Ballot

The Florida Democratic Party is celebrating that the abortion rights constitutional amendment reached the signature verification goal and is heading to the 2024 ballot for voters to decide.

“Floridians want their freedom back,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried. “Initiatives to protect reproductive rights have won on every ballot since the fall of Roe v. Wade — and Florida is next.”

Florida Democrats abortion protest arrestFloridians Protecting Freedom recently announced that the coalition organizing to get reproductive rights on the 2024 ballot in Florida submitted enough valid petitions to the state to qualify for the ballot. This is a top issue for Democrats, and a personal issue for the party chair, who was previously arrested at an abortion rights protest.

“It’s official — nearly 1 million Florida voters have stepped in to protect reproductive rights and access to life-saving health care,” the Florida Democratic leader said.

“We know what will happen if reproductive rights make it onto the ballot in 2024 — just like in every other state since Dobbs, Florida voters will choose to keep the government out of their healthcare decisions,” FDP Chair Fried continued. “Florida is the next battleground in a wave of post-Dobbs movements to protect our freedoms, and the Florida Democratic Party stands ready to help get this movement across the finish line in November.”

Florida Democrats are excited about the grassroots enthusiasm and potential for higher voter turnout, which could make Florida a battleground state again.

“This proves that Florida is not ‘too big’, ‘too hard’ or ‘too expensive’ to invest in,” FDP Chair Fried added. “We have the people power on the ground who believe that Florida is worth fighting for — but the fight is not over.”

On the other side of the political aisle, Florida Republicans are pushing a ban on nearly all abortions from the point of conception, including in cases of rape or incest, in new proposed legislation. Republican Attorney General Ashley Moody also challenged the abortion access amendment, asking the Florida Supreme Court to block it.

“Attorney General Ashley Moody has already tried to stop the abortion amendment from getting on the ballot in 2024, asking the Florida Supreme Court to block it,” Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried said. “Ashley’s addiction to power has made her ignore the voices of Floridians, and these petitions prove it. Florida Democrats stand ready to fight back against any attempt to block the will of the people on reproductive rights.”

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