Don’t Stop Resisting

The Gantt Report:

The Democratic political puppets had a Congressional victory over the Republican political puppets.


To all of the community activists, organizers, radicals, militants and political revolutionaries, don’t stop resisting! You cannot and must not bask in your moment of triumph!

I think I know a little bit about politics. Most African-American candidates and elected officials probably wouldn’t agree with me because if they did I and other Black political professionals would get more respect and more work from them.

Anyway, let me show you how smart I am.

“Trump Care” was not passed because of anything Democrats did to oppose the proposed Republican health care legislation.

The President had a political miscarriage! His repeal and replace baby was dead on arrival!

Masquerading as a huge and great improvement in health care for American citizens, Stevie Wonder and, if they were alive, Ray Charles and Blind Lemon Jefferson could have easily seen that the American Health Care Act was nothing more than a funding vehicle for billion dollar tax cuts for the United States’ wealthiest citizens and a welfare program for greedy, sleazy insurance company profiteers!

Trump Care or Ryan Care, if you want to name the dead legislation after the Speaker of the House of Representatives, was always dead in the water because Republican politicians are just as divided as Democratic politicians. Tea Party Republicans that you call the “Freedom Caucus” will never fully agree with moderate Republicans and neither group will agree with or bow down to lying Republicans that promised an immediate repeal and replacement of health care and any other legislation that the Black President was able to pass!

But don’t stop resisting!

You can’t stop resisting because real political professionals, like I call myself, know very well that you will never really win and you never really lose in political legislation battles.

Why? Because highly paid lobbyists that suck the blood out of industries, associations, corporations and rich individuals will always convince their clients to fight for what they want again and again.

Insurance companies are contacting legislators they think they can control with a $500 campaign contribution right now and telling them to file amendments to any bill that will put insurance company profits before the health of the people!

African-Americans, seniors, mothers, women, the disabled and everybody else that wants and needs affordable health care must keep fighting for it.

You must not stop resisting!

Carl Jung, a prominent thinker, once said “Resistance to the organized mass can be effected only by the man who is as well-organized in his individuality as the mass itself.”

If you don’t know what to fight for, Medicare for All is a good start.

Every citizen regardless of race, gender, creed, color or economic status should have a viable health care program. You can call it what you want, Medicare, Public Option, single payer or whatever.

This idea that rehabilitation, emergency care, pre-natal care, wellness care, etc. should not be covered by your health insurance is a cruel idea and should be constantly discredited and eventually abandoned!

Don’t let idiots and fools on social media convince you that the fight for health care is over because it is not!

Never stop resisting!

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