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DNC Excludes All But One FL-10 Congressional Candidate from DNC Convention

Democratic Congressional Candidates Fatima Rita Fahmy (left) and State Senator Geraldine Thompson (right).

Upset with their own party, Senator Geraldine F. Thompson and Attorney Fatima Rita Fahmy, both Democratic candidates in Florida’s 10th Congressional District, held a joint press conference calling out the Democratic National Committee for unfairly influencing the primary process. The candidates met at the Well’sBuilt Museum to address the fact that the DNC invited Chief Val Demings to speak at the convention yesterday, while excluding the other candidates in the congressional race. Stephanie Murphy, who is running in Florida’s 7th Congressional District, also spoke at the DNC Convention with Demings.

“Impartiality disappears when Nancy Pelosi, the Party Leader, endorses one candidate in a primary and that candidate is showcased during a speech at the Democratic National Convention,” State Senator Thompson said.

“In an open seat primary with no viable Republican opponent, is the DNC giving Demings a platform at the convention because they think that she is too weak of a candidate to win without their heavy-handed support, or do they know that she is already bought and paid for and will do their bidding if elected?” Fahmy asked on social media. “The party’s interference makes a mockery of the primary system and undermines the entire democratic process.”

Fahmy also took to social media to call out the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, using their own words against them. She also unleashed against Demings, calling her a “puppet” of the D.C. elites.

“This, as they pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into their puppet candidate, Demings, in an open seat that is virtually guaranteed to turn blue,” Fahmy said about her congressional district and DCCC support for Demings. “Ask yourself why that is. The people of FL-10 deserve better. They deserve someone who will be accountable to them and not to the D.C. elites who rigged the system for someone who will take their marching orders from the establishment. Enough is enough.”

The two Democratic candidates discussed the possible violation of DNC rules which require impartiality when more than one Democratic candidate is involved in a primary election. “Democratic means the people decide,” Thompson added. “Not the party. Not the powerful. The party is supporting a chosen individual in this race rather than allowing the citizens and the voters to independently make their decision.”

Bob Poe is also running in Florida’s 10th Congressional District, but did not participate in the joint press conference.

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