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Demings & Murphy Shine in DNC Convention Speeches

As part of the Democratic Women of the House presentation tonight, two local congressional candidates addressed the Democratic National Convention. Chief Val Demings made headlines calling on Congress to “disarm hate” during her DNC Convention speech and Stephanie Murphy introduced herself to a national audience.

Democrat Val Demings

“I spent 27 years on the Orlando police force and had the honor of serving as Orlando’s first woman Chief of Police,” Demings said. “I know firsthand the tragedy that gun violence inflicts on families in America. And after 49 people were murdered in a nightclub in Orlando last month, let me tell you: our city takes it personally that Congress refuses to disarm hate.”

“You don’t need to be a police chief to know that our communities are less safe when criminals and suspected terrorists can walk into a gun shop or a gun show and leave with a weapon,” she continued.

Chief Demings also focused on leadership and women in her closing.

“On issue after issue, it’s the leadership of women that makes a Stronger America,” she said. “With Hillary Clinton in the White House and these strong House Democratic women; together with women and families all across our nation, we will show the world what this statement really means: When women succeed, America succeeds.”

Democrat Stephanie Murphy

Democrat Stephanie Murphy, who is running against Republican John Mica, addressed the DNC crowd just before Demings.

“I’m running to represent Florida in the House alongside these remarkable women,” Murphy said. “After 9/11, I left a job in the corporate world to become a national security specialist for the Secretary of Defense. Democrats know a stronger America means confronting the threats abroad without blinking and without undermining our values. Democrats are strengthening our fight against terror by working with our allies, not abandoning them.”

Murphy continued her focus on national defense and military resources.

“Democrats know we need to be strong and smart to destroy ISIS and protect America, not reckless and rash,” she said. “Democrats are ensuring our military have the resources they need to do their job. And our military know how to do their job better than anyone else in the world.”

The speeches aired during the 7PM hour at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“I am honored to stand alongside these passionate leaders of the Democratic Women of the House,” said Chief Demings.  “A unified Democratic Party will prevent Donald Trump from ever stepping foot in the Oval Office.  With Hillary Clinton in the White House, we can protect the progress made under President Obama and pass basic legislation like meaningful gun reform.  I will do that as Orlando’s Representative alongside these Democratic women and Hillary Clinton.”

“It was a special privilege to speak at the Convention tonight, along with an amazing group of strong women,” Murphy said in a statement.  “The House Democrats are ready to win in November, especially because of the great female candidates they are fielding this year.  It was an honor to speak tonight about my background and how the House Democratic women are the best candidates to keep America safe from threats abroad.”

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