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Teamster Allegiant Air Pilots Approve Historic First Contract

Pilots Commit To Build On Contract Victory By Working With Company To Address Ongoing Safety Concerns

AllegiantAfter more than three years of bargaining, Allegiant Air pilots – represented by Teamsters Local 1224 – ratified their first union contract with the airline on Thursday. With substantial improvements in compensation, benefits, and scheduling, the contract is a major victory for the pilots who have been working tirelessly to raise standards at the low-cost carrier. Pilots will immediately receive up to 31 percent pay increases, high quality health insurance and greater job security.

“Together, we’ve achieved something that few in our industry thought was possible,” said Allegiant Air Captain and Executive Council Chairman Cameron Graff. “But we knew that by sticking together, we could win a contract that raises standards for our industry and gives our families the stability we need. This is a turning point for Allegiant pilots and our company, and we are looking forward to working with management to make our airline the best it can be for our passengers.”

This union agreement gives pilots – for the first time – the full job protections of a contract, a critical component to a safe working environment and airline. This will include full participation in critical FAA safety programs.

Other contract highlights include immediate raises for all pilots, a 150 percent increase in the company’s 401(k) matching contribution, up to four weeks of paid vacation, an improved scheduling system and the ability for pilots to fund their union and defend their contract through a dispute resolution process. More than 85 percent of voting Allegiant pilots voted to ratify the contract through anonymous ballots between mid-July and July 28.

“Pilots of our union, Teamsters Local 1224, stood with us through every step of this tough negotiation. Local 1224 is a great home base for not only Allegiant pilots, but for pilots from different airlines who are fighting for fair contracts that prioritize safety and recognize our work,” said Captain Scott Whitman.  “We hope this agreement will be the first of many for our industry that will raise standards so we can attract the pilots we need to address our pilot shortage.”

Teamsters Local 1224 President Daniel C. Wells said, “It is an honor to raise the standards in our industry along with such a committed group of pilots who have exhibited remarkable integrity and leadership through every day of this contentious process. Congratulations to the Allegiant Air pilots. We are proud you are Teamsters and to have you in the Local 1224 family. I would like to also thank and congratulate every member of the team tirelessly working at our local, the Airline Division Director David Bourne, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters General Executive Board, and particularly President Jim Hoffa.”

“This was a victory for the working people of this country, and the Teamsters. The General Executive Board and President Jim Hoffa are proud to have supported the efforts of the pilots in achieving their agreement,” said Airline Division Director David Bourne.

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