Largest Law Enforcement Union in Florida Endorses Chief Val Demings for Congress

DemingsFOPThe Florida State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police, with the favorable recommendation of the men and women of the Fraternal Order Of Police District 7, announced its endorsement of Chief Val Demings in Florida’s 10th Congressional District.

“Val Demings will continue to serve the citizens as an effective Congressional leader,” said Lisa Henning, Legislative Liason for FOP. “We believe in her proven dedication to serving her community and her experience gives her an insight to what is needed in our state. Val Demings will be a remarkable source of experience for both our domestic public safety and our National Security. We look forward to working with Val Demings in Washington and know that she will be a voice of reason for her constituency.”

“I wore the badge with pride every day of my 27-year career with the Orlando Police Department and I couldn’t be more honored to have the support of my brothers and sisters in the Fraternal Order of Police,” said Chief Val Demings, responding to the endorsement. “The law enforcement community is facing challenging times in the wake of the recent attacks on officers across the country. Everyday these men and women go to work, not knowing if they will return home to their family, and that statement couldn’t be more true at this time. In Congress I will work hard to fight for programs that will create safer work environments for officers, ensure top training and equipment accessibility for agencies across the country, and provide funding to help make our neighborhoods more safe and stronger.”

Chief Demings is facing off against State Senator Geraldine Thompson, Bob Poe and Fatima Fahmy in the upcoming Democratic primary for Florida’s 10th Congressional District.


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