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Demings Calls on Floridians to Finalize Emergency Plans

Orlando Representative Val Demings reminded Florida families to finalize their emergency plans in preparation for Hurricane Ian, which multiple models show making landfall in Florida later this week, potentially as a Category 4 storm. Rep. Demings chairs the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery.

“I’m calling on every Floridian to take a few minutes to double check your emergency plan and to discuss it with your family, and to ask three of your friends or family members to do the same,”said Rep. Demings. “I am getting constant updates from FEMA and we know that this storm has the potential to be extremely serious. We don’t know Hurricane Ian’s final path, but the National Hurricane Center has warned that there will be threats to Florida no matter what course it takes.”

OUC is watching the storm and is recommending hurricane safety tips for Orlando residents.

“I was on duty with the Orlando Police Department during Hurricanes Frances, Ivan and Jeanne, and I will never forget the sound of Charley rolling over the City Beautiful like a freight train,” added Rep. Demings. “Preparedness saves lives. As chair of the Committee on Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery I am closely tracking Hurricane Ian. I urge all Florida families to continue to listen to official information, be prepared, and stay safe.”

Rep. Demings is currently leading a Congressional Delegation (CODEL) to Puerto Rico to oversee the FEMA response to Hurricane Fiona. In her role as Chair of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery, Rep. Demings has direct oversight over FEMA.

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