Daisy goes along to get along

City of Orlando Commissioner Daisy Lynum (File Photo: WONO)
City of Orlando Commissioner Daisy Lynum (File Photo: WONO)

This past Monday, the Orlando City Commission voted in favor of a significant pay raise where their salaries will rise to $60K per year. The commission also voted to bump Mayor Buddy Dyer’s salary from $160k to $195k per year.

That’s not a shabby haul for politicians who preside over a city that has the lowest paying jobs in the nation.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, District 5 Commissioner Daisy Lynum, one of the worst on the commission, said that Orlando’s growth is a pretty good reason for the raise. She also mentioned that she wants to stay in line with the other commissioners.

“It was my understanding that the other commissioners were in favor of it, and I didn’t want to stand in the way.”

Reading that comment made me wonder what else she may go along with because she wouldn’t want to stand in the way of her co-workers. Maybe the proposed Orlando soccer stadium deal? What about Creative Village? Eminent domain perhaps?

Read the whole story here.



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