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Felicia Roberts is an award winning artist who has exhibited in Atlanta, Orlando, and Los Angeles. She works in a variety of media with a variety of themes. Her color works focus on the beauty of nature or the passions of relationships while her black and white work focus on the beauty of light, angles, shadows, and the symbiotic or destructive relationship between man, technology, and nature.

Felicia’s thoughts on technology and its benefits and repercussions are quite entwined as her words twist questioning threads: Is the link with computers and ever spiraling technology bringing us together or actually separating us to the point where we believe virtual is better than real life? Will we, in the future, design our mates with plastic surgery, genetic engineering visualized originally in a computer? Will we prefer a virtual touch instead of real life? 

Unfortunately, as Felicia expresses: I see many losing the ability to connect in real life. 

Continuing on this line of vertical response: Do we try to upgrade or trade in relationships simulating the trade up or upgrade technology our minds have become accustomed to? Or when we connect through the internet do we establish more relationships? Do we become more of a community through technology or more distant?

Felicia’s metallic photographs on aluminum flashing are an exploration of these ideas while haunting concerns beg attention beyond skin surface. Described in her words: The face is merged with the leaves because we all are dependent on nature. If nature did not exist we would all die. We may think we need technology and it can be a blessing but we come from the womb of nature. How quickly can nature keep up with technology? If we move too fast, can nature adapt? Are we destroying our connection with nature that is necessary for our existence? Has man chosen to be symbiotic or parasitic creature where nature is concerned? Can we find a desirable balance?”

Felicia Man Nature Tech
*Man* Nature* Tech




Materials transformed include salvaged wood, aluminum, nails, wire leads, photo decals, acrylic paint, and super glue… not to mention an intense

Felicia’s artistic approach is best relayed within her words: First, I sketch out my ideas. Then, I take photographs based on my sketches and combine the different Medias to create a vision of my thoughts and ideas. Typically, when I approach the topic of man’s balance or lack of balance with nature and technology, I choose black and white mixed media photography. This allows me to focus on different ideas at once since multiple images can be included. I try to represent this fact in my art. Metal seemed perfect to represent technology and illustrates the loss of the warmth of human touch for the coldness of technology. The fragmentation of collage represents man’s disconnection from the human world choosing instead a technology companion.











3 ft by 4 ft, original oil painting!mainPage

Felicia Roberts’ color work (oil & acrylic painting, color pencil) is about passion and beauty. Love of nature and love of relationships. She believes people are to be intertwined as her art embodies.

The people in her paintings fit together like a puzzle because like a puzzle, people must decide how to fit together. She subscribes to the philosophy that there is harmony in fitting but there is always conflict and difference, represented by contrasting colors. Taking elegance to heights, colors are appealing while diversity merges symbiotically onto other figures, showing each person is affected by the other.

Felicia Roberts’ paintings demonstrate a collective desire to be touched emotionally or physically by another and the effect of human touch from sadness to passion.

Felicia Facts:

Felicia Roberts taught art to students in grades 1-12 for several years and currently teaches art workshops at the Haines City Recreation Center on Thursdays for children and adult students. She is art teacher certified.

Prospective students can email Felicia directly at with “art class” as the subject in the email. She is available for art commissions and gallery representation. This year, she exhibited at the following venues: City Arts, 1st Thursday at Orlando Museum of Art, Raw Orlando Elevations, Christian Suit Tie Mixer, and LACDA.

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