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COVID-19 Vaccine: The Silent War, The Silent Race

Would you rather have COVID-19, or the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Have you ever sat back and wondered how healthcare became so politicized? The truth is we have been this way for many years, possibly even decades. Both the blue collar and white collared folks work so many long, hard days struggling to afford healthcare, let alone get the honest and accurate information to make a well predicated decision for your family. Why is it that the information you receive is inarguably polarized and exaggerated from every channel you turn on?

I’m no genie in a bottle, I don’t have all of the answers; but what I do have is some information that hasn’t been publicized through any legacy media outlet that I believe everyone deserves to know before making a decision for themselves, their elderly and their children. What I am about to tell you is no secret, all of it is hidden in plain sight but yet is almost considered dirty to talk about in public.

My journey into the truth began when my husband decided to sign up for the Novavax Trial. Before people jump to hysteria and name calling (i.e. Anti-vaxxer), hear out my story. Ignoring dramatized headlines, I went straight to ‘the source.’ A quick visit on the CDC’s website as well as VAER’s tells you there is clearly more to this big picture, and we’ve only seen through a small looking glass. The first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine landed in the United States arrived mid December, after nine long months and close to 300,000 deaths later. A sigh of relief swept across the nation, sending people into a blind frenzy to receive whatever brand of this newfound wonder drug they can get their hands on. I needed to know more before my husband became perhaps the millionth guinea pig.

Pfizer and Moderna are the two biggest kids on the playground right now, with Novavax being the red-headed stepchild. Regardless, their stats are impressive, but hardly in a good way. Directly from VAERS, Pfizer tops in at 8,546 ‘events reported,’ meaning adverse events causing for medical concern. That equates to 1.2% of the population that have received the vaccine, have had a negative reaction that required medical attention and reporting by a doctor. In comparison to the current mortality rate of COVID-19, this is more five times the odds of you dying from this infamous virus. These negative reactions seem to be unbiased, affecting both male and female, and people of all ages and races. The most common reactions seem to be chills, fever, dizziness, fatigue, headache, nausea, shortness of breath and alarming reactions occurring at the site of the injection including baseball sized lumps, without mentioning anything about anaphylactic shock.

Am I beginning to sound like a speed talker at the end of a commercial for medication yet? Don’t worry – if you just picture a happy elderly couple at a picnic (without a mask), it’ll all go away, or so Dr. Fauci thinks. While I am not intending to scare the public with this information, nor sound like a broken record, I’d like to remind you that these statistics are only two months old. This shows that the vaccine is hot on the trail to surpass negative reactions and potentially fatal side effects of the infamous HPV (Gardasil), Hepatitis A & B as well as Polio vaccines in a matter of months.

I learned more when I decided to attend my husband’s first jab in early February. We attended a clinic in Deland, with red flags arising from the moment we entered. The doctor, predictably, would not let me go back with my husband to be with him while he received his shot. The plan went awry when they disclosed that he would not be able to try for a child for a minimum of 3-4 months, all the way up to two years. Upon my husband asking for my consent, I immediately asked to speak with the physician for more information, and asked why that would be an issue. The doctor stated it was common procedure for all trial vaccines and medical procedures. We were then informed that after receiving the vaccine, we were required to either stay abstinent or use spermicidal condoms.

I was rightfully concerned, and the doctor simply couldn’t give me more answers, stating he simply couldn’t see how the vaccine would at all affect his sperm or future childbearing. I pressed further, and he then decided to inform me he was new to the practice – Fair enough. I wanted a second opinion, and he brought in a second doctor who thoroughly stressed it would not be a good idea to pursue the vaccine without making these sacrifices, as this is simply a part of the trial and discovering more information. While some people are in positions to make such a sacrifice, we are not and ultimately we decided to walk away.

While I am humbled and grateful to have had that experience, it leaves me wondering what all the mainstream media leaves out, regardless of the fact that the novel Coronavirus is being talked about constantly. What have the studies found, what are the long term side effects, what are the risks you’re taking? It shouldn’t be so taboo to talk about.

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