Central Florida Chinese Americans urge Fox to fire Bob Beckel for racial slur


Bob Beckel
Bob Beckel

The Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association – Central Florida Chapter (APAPA), will host a press conference tomorrow, Saturday, August 19, at Orlando City Hall plaza, at 11:00 a.m., to denounce the racial slur used by Fox News ‘The Five” co-host Bob Beckel against Chinese Americans.

Last week, Beckel in a broadcast said, “Chinamen were getting education in computer sciences in the United States and then going home and hacking into American computer systems.”

The term “Chinaman” has long been viewed as pejorative and derogatory to persons of Asian descent and is not in use.

APAPA strongly condemned Beckel’s racial slur and fear mongering and called for an official apology from him and Fox News.  The group also demanded that he be fired from Fox Broadcasting.

California senator Ted Lieu has also called for Beckel’s termination.

APAPA also noted that, it is not the first time Beckel had used racial slurs or obscenities on air, saying “his termination is more than warranted.”

Change.org has begun circulating a petition urged Fox News to fire Bob Beckel.  (See below).









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