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Bill Filed to Increase Housing Opportunity for Citizens with Criminal Records

This month, Ocoee State Representative LaVon Bracy Davis, a Democrat, filed HB 93- Liability for Leasing to Persons with Criminal Records for the 2023 legislative session.

This bill provides liability protections for landlords who rent to returning citizens with certain criminal records so that they may not be held responsible if the tenant commits a crime. Currently, in Florida, a landlord can be sued for the criminal actions of a renter that is a returning citizen. This causes some landlords to be hesitant about renting property to these returning citizens which only increases the barriers that they are facing in an already difficult housing landscape.

“Florida is already facing a housing crisis, and when it rains for Floridians, it pours for our disenfranchised groups like returning citizens,” said Representative Bracy Davis. “This bill is a leap in the right direction to remove barriers for our citizens who are already facing so many challenges upon reentry while also furthering protections for small business owners like landlords.”

Tampa State Representative Dianne Hart agrees. “I believe that it is time that we level the playing field, and give everyone a second chance. Everyone deserves a safe, sanitary, and decent place to live including our loved ones returning home. I fully support Representative Bracy Davis’ bill to help make housing opportunities a reality for everyone,” Rep. Hart said.

Find the full legislation: HB 93- Liability for Leasing to Persons with Criminal Records

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