Florida Hospital Unveils Pink Coach to Kick Off Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Florida Hospital’s Pink Army is standing guard, ready to kick off another breast cancer awareness month, but this time, with a whole new spin. This mission is to encourage patients, friends, family and the community to join the front line in the fight against breast cancer.


This month, the breast cancer brigade is introducing the newly designed Mobile Health Coach, which has been transformed to embody the spirit of the Pink Army. The coach will travel throughout Central Florida to provide digital screening mammograms as well as other health screenings for women in a convenient setting. The Pink Army version of the Mobile Health Coach will feature two breast cancer survivors, Amy Anglin and Rosie Sterling, who developed a special friendship while undergoing breast cancer treatment.

Survivor Amy Anglin was BRCA negative with no previous family history of breast cancer when she was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer at just 39 years old. In an effort to help her through the cancer process, one of Amy’s surgeons connected her to another breast cancer patient, 40-year-old Rosie Sterling. The women discovered they were both the mothers of two boys and this similarity, among many others, led to the creation of a friendship that went far beyond their cancer treatments.

Both Amy and Rosie caught their breast cancer early thanks to self exams and screening mammograms. As a way to continue the fight against breast cancer and spread awareness, Amy and Rosie both enlisted in Florida Hospital’s Pink Army. Their shared passion and deep friendship is just the kind of inspiration that it takes to fuel the Pink Army Mobile Health Coach across Central Florida.

“For me, the Pink Army is awareness. It is getting mammograms, taking charge of our bodies and embracing the need to take care of ourselves,” said Anglin, two year breast cancer survivor. “Being involved is helping to educate other people.”

The Florida Hospital Pink Army is a community initiative that’s purpose is to not only increase awareness about early detection but a way to unite thousands of survivors like Anglin and Sterling in the war against breast cancer. The Pink Army has enlisted more than 22,000 individuals to help spread this message with hopes of recruiting many more.

For more information on the Pink Army, visit, at www.JoinThePinkArmy.com.


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