The Regina Hill Sagas Continue

This month, the troubled house owned by Orlando City Commissioner Regina Hill will be sold at auction per a new court order issued just days before Christmas. On December 22nd, the Ninth Judicial Circuit court issued a notice of foreclosure against Hill in an ongoing case. The Commissioner told media last May that she had resolved her foreclosure issues, meaning the latest ruling is another blow to Hill.

Commissioner Hill was being sued by U.S. Bank over her 5-bedroom, 3-bath home located at 1790 Baywood Avenue, outside of city limits of Orlando. The Commissioner also claims to rent a property inside the city limits to qualify to serve in her city district. In a non-jury trial on April 22, 2015, the court adjudged that U.S. Bank, as a trustee for GSMPS Mortgage Loan Trust, is due $164,081.57 in the case involving the Baywood property. The Final Judgement from April 22, 2015summarizes the more than $160,000 in unpaid mortgage, taxes and interest Hill owes on the Baywood Avenue home.

Commissioner’s House Goes Up for Sale


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