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When People Try You

The Gantt Report:

Stop getting mad when that man or woman who you’re dealing with tries you. All of us have the tendency to try people. It’s in our DNA.

You cannot know how far you can go in life, in love or in business if you never take the chance or the risk of going too far.

People want to know what they can get away with. How much work do you have to do? How much do you want to be paid? How many men can you date? How many women can you juggle? Who can be trusted? Who can be tricked? How much can you nag? How much nagging will you take? How late can you stay out? How many days can you stay in? How high or how drunk can you get? How fast can you drive? The list of opportunities to try someone to get away with something is endless.

Getting tried is oftentimes a test. You will be tested in our lifetime over and over again. Most of the time you are being tested in situations when you don’t even realize you are being tested! You are being interviewed or considered when thinking you are is the farthest thing on your mind.

More often than not, trials and tests include drama. You look at events in your life as a pop quiz when you really could be taking a final exam!

The rate of divorce around the world could easily suggest that there are more trials, tests and drama in marriages and relationships than in other relations.

If you think your situations are new, cruel and unusual, you don’t have a clue!

The Biblical Abraham had “baby mama drama” over 3000 years ago! I’m not going to tell you the story but God tested Abraham about sacrificing his son and you can read the Bible to find out about the Biblical baby mama stuff.

So, in my opinion, the spiritual tests are the most important tests you will have. Devils in your house, on your job, at your school and in your community will test you constantly.

Can you be honest, can you be loyal, can you be humble, can you be peaceful, can you be meek or will you be devilish, evil, wicked and satanic by stealing, lying, killing, and so forth?

Poor people can go to Heaven in the sky but good people, wise people and courageous people can be blessed with “heaven on earth”!

If you want to deal with people who try you and pass and benefit from the tests that people give you, always be truthful, always be faithful and always be thankful and your earthly blessing will overflow!

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